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article imageViolence averted at Million Mask March Special

By Justin King     Nov 12, 2013 in World
Washington - Anonymous, a collective with a strict code of non-violence, almost became marred by the recent trend of mass shootings. One of those attending the Million Mask March in Washington, DC allegedly came ready to engage the United States Secret Service.
A suspect currently in custody allegedly brought with him body armor and an assortment of firearms. Joseph Hallford allegedly had intentions on engaging law enforcement and forcing them to shoot him. The plan came to light when he arrived via taxi at the hospital complaining of internal bleeding, and was apparently combative with hospital staff. He allegedly informed staff of his desire to be shot by the United States Secret Service (USSS). The staff notified USSS. After an interview, Hallford allegedly admitted to having a gun and explosives in his vehicle, which was found on Ohio Avenue.
Those affiliated with the March were quick to point out that they did not know Hallford until word of his detention spread. Fundraising activities commenced for legal defenses of any participant in the March that was arrested for non-violent civil disobedience. Hallford’s fundraiser, found here, was removed from the Million Mask March Facebook page within minutes of the discovery of his alleged intentions. Many of those attempting to assist him were unaware of his intentions or charges, assuming the allegations he would face were in relation to the nonviolent civil disobedience Anonymous is known for. Many of the marchers expressed gratitude toward law enforcement for their efforts to keep the march peaceful. Anonymous activities are historically nonviolent, and many activists brought their families and infant children with them to the March.
A masked man identified as Joseph Hallford taunts law enforcement on horseback.
A masked man identified as Joseph Hallford taunts law enforcement on horseback.
The Anonymous collective is active in hundreds of nations and its activists are of every possible ethnicity. The discovery of an image on Hallford’s Facebook page cast doubt in the minds of many Anons as to his affiliation with the collective. The image is of a grim reaper draped in Confederate Flags that was shared publicly. Another image on his Facebook profile depicts a man in full combat gear holding rifle and a large knife. The caption reads: “Understand this, we will only stand for the stealing of our liberty for so long. If you continue, we will bring the fight to your front door and take our rights back by force and you will pay the price of the traitor.”
Sarah Marie, an Anonymous activist had this to say about nonviolence and racism
There may be a lot of debate over what Anonymous really is. The mask may have started out as joke on 4chan, but to many people it has evolved into a symbol of one face representing one idea. Common perceptions of Anonymous are often skewed by misinformed and assumptive reports by mainstream media, but the collective promotes non-violence and freedom for all regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. If everyone can remove these labels that are made to divide people and turn them against one other, they can accomplish much more as fellow citizens of the earth working for a better world.
The inconsistencies with generally accepted Anonymous beliefs lead to the consensus among Anon activists that Hallford may have been using the March as an excuse to get close to the United States Secret Service, if the charges are proven true.
Keith “Spektre Mous” Howell, a medic with Anonymous gave this statement immediately after hearing of the allegations
Neither myself, John Fairhurst, nor anyone that we know of affiliated with the Anonymous collective or the Million Mask Movement have ever personally known Joseph Hallford. Especially his intentions. It has been said time and time again throughout the planning of the March, and throughout the Anonymous collective that we do not condone violence. Each and every Anon is responsible for his or her own actions. Do what you think is right, not what you think is wrong. Violence is wrong!
The March circulated flyers before and during the event explaining how to engage law enforcement peacefully if the need for civil disobedience arose and explaining that no drugs or alcohol would be allowed because children would be present.
Million Mask March organizer, John Fairhurst said
We the Million Mask March and Movement do not know Joseph Hallford. We were not in any way, shape, or form aware of his intentions or the fact he had weapons of any kind in his possession. We are a peaceful, nonviolent organization and do not condone what Joseph Hallford allegedly was planning.
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