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article image‘Give peace a chance’ John Lennon school detention sheets on sale

By Anne Sewell     Nov 12, 2013 in Entertainment
It seems that Beatle John Lennon was not always into the peace ideology. An auction is to be held offering 2 school detention sheets, which describe Lennon’s misdemeanors during his school days, including fighting in class and sabotage.
It seems Lennon attended Liverpool’s Quarry Bank High School for Boys and according to his teachers the then 15-year-old boy was punished for "fighting in class" and for "sabotage". In fact, the documents show that Lennon on two occasions received three detentions, in just one day.
Besides these transgressions, other words and phrases used by his teachers on detention sheets include “shoving”, “nuisance", “just no interest whatsoever” and he was referred to as the “class clown.” The sheets also showed he got into trouble for “silliness" and "shouting".
His misdemeanors date from the time he was in Class 3B from May 19 to June 23, 1955 and also when he was in Class 4C from November 25, 1955 to February 13, 1956.
As to how the detention sheets became available, reportedly they were rescued by a teacher in the 1970’s. Apparently the teacher had been told to clean out a storage room and burn some books in there to make the room suitable as an office for a newly-appointed teacher. He spotted the by then famous name “Lennon” at the top of some of the pages and decided to tear out the sheets and keep them as memorabilia.
Apparently some of the pages he rescued were later destroyed in an accident involving chemicals, and other pages he gave away, but those surviving will now be on offer to the public.
A good rescue it turned out to be, indeed, as the sheets are likely to be sold for up to £3,000 ($4,760) each at auction.
Apparently the detention sheets have been authenticated by Lennon's close school friend, Pete Shotton. Shotton reportedly wrote a biography called “John Lennon: In My Life” about the former Beatle.
According to Lennon’s general science teacher at the time, Peter Beech, "The sheet is typical of John Lennon, he was an extremely cheeky boy.”
"He did, however, know his limits. In the classroom, if you settled John down, you generally settled the class down.”
"His chemistry teacher Eric Oldman said that John could actually go far," Beech added.
And go far he did indeed. Shortly after the period covered by the detention sheets, Lennon went on to meet McCartney and in 1957 the pair formed the Beatles.
Their first hit was “Love Me Do” in late 1962 and of course from there on they achieved fame and fortune, and their music has influenced generations of musicians worldwide.
Lennon lived to the age of 40, when he was shot dead outside his New York apartment on December 8, 1980 by Mark Chapman.
The auction is to be held online at and is to include other Beatles memorabilia items with bidding set to start on November 22.
Among the other Beatles memorabilia on offer, items include a signed White Album, an unpublished Lennon sketch and also the handwritten lyrics of an unpublished song by Sir Paul McCartney from the 1960s. quotes the lyrics of "It's Getting Better," written by Lennon and McCartney, which could possibly refer to the reasons why he got detention so often:
“I used to get mad at my school
The teachers that taught me weren’t cool
You’re holding me down, turning me round
Filling me up with your rules”
John Lennon s school detention sheets to go on auction on November 22  2013.
John Lennon's school detention sheets to go on auction on November 22, 2013.
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