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article imageInterview with Scott Stapp from Creed: 'Proof of Life' solo album Special

By Markos Papadatos     Nov 11, 2013 in Entertainment
Scott Stapp, the lead singer of the rock band Creed, talks about his newest solo album "Proof of Life," which was released on November 5 via Wind-Up Records.
Stapp remarked, "I was telling a story. In telling that story there was continuity to the songs, where I started and where I ended. The songs that were left out were basically offshoots from that timeline."
He added, "It really came down to making sure that the continuity of the story that I wanted to convey on the record was solid."
Stapp noted that his favorite song on the record changes from day to day. "Right now, I have three that I have repeating. That would be 'Dying to Live,' 'Only One' and 'Proof of Life.' It changes all the time," he said. "When I was first going back and listening to the album 'Who I Am' stuck out to me a lot and I loved listening to that over and over again."
The rock singer-songwriter revealed that the song "Jesus was a Rockstar" really helped him confront a couple of different things that he had dealt with in his life and it aided him in resolving those conflicts.
"I was approaching my life with a new and fresh perspective," he said referring to the closing track "Dying To Live." "It really just came from my soul at that time in my life, where I was dying to continue to move forward," he said.
The album's theme is a journey to Stapp's recovery and confronting that period in his life, thus taking what became a mess and turning it into a message. "I really enjoy working with other artists. Most of my co-writing comes from the music aspect. I take a lot of personal pride in the melodies, lyrics and the arrangements and what comes together. That's my story and I am articulating my journey and I am delivering it from my stream of consciousness," he said.
The album has elements of mainstream rock, hard rock and alternative rock. "I think it's a mixture of all of these. At times, it has a modern country element or two," he said. "I really feel proud of this record and I am excited about the different musical directions that I have gone. I have stayed true to my roots and to who I am as a rock and roll artist. There is a lot of growth on this album."
As part of Creed and as a solo artist, Stapp has sold over 40 million albums worldwide and he has won a Grammy award for "Best Rock Song" for his rock power-ballad "With Arms Wide Open."
He hopes to go on a tour to promote this new project, which he will be announcing in the coming weeks. He will also be announcing his band members that will be jamming with him. "I am pretty excited," he said.
Last year, he performed at The Paramount in Huntington, New York and he praised the venue and the crowd. "It was awesome and an amazing show. There was so much energy. To be able to express myself creatively through a live performance is still fulfilling to me and that connection with the fans is unparalleled," he said.
He noted that The Paramount's club vibe took Stapp "back to his roots." "I enjoy that," he said.
Stapp is motivated each day by his supportive wife and his children, as well as music, art, live performance and creative expression. "The world around me that I have in common and that is inclusive inspires me," he said.
For more information on singer-songwriter Scott Stapp and his solo project Proof of Life, visit his official website.
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