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Hawaii's surf season begins

By Jenna Cyprus     Nov 8, 2013 in Sports
November marks the beginning of Hawaii's surfing season. If you're a surfer at heart, now is the time of the year to go to Hawaii and live your passions.
Hawaii has long been a premier destination for surfers and vacationers alike. According to the Huffington Post, the winter season at Hawaii's North Shore has begun.
The surfing season in places like the North Shore and Kauai is so popular because the Pacific Ocean brings in 20-to-30-foot waves that attract experienced surfers and spectators who want to get in on the action.
According to, the North Shore beaches are 7 miles long and home to several internationally known surfing competitions that will take place in the coming months, including the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, which attracts surfers from around the world. The Triple Crown will take place November 12-23 this year.
As a prequalifier to the competition, the Vans Presents the HIC Pro will take place October 29 to November 10 and marks the official opening of the winter wave season at Sunset Beach.
According to Kauai Explorer, the North Shore can experience "gigantic waves during December and January. Likewise, the west side of the island experiences swells from the north, creating an ideal mixture of surf, sun, and dry weather."
Surfing experiences different for each skill level
Beginning surfers: If you're a beginning surfer who's looking to experience the rush of the winter surfing season in the islands of Hawaii, it might be useful to rent a board and fin online or at a store near the beach instead of purchasing them.
As users become more experienced, they'll get more choosy about the type of fins, wetsuits, and boards they surf with. However, until they're sure what style they prefer, renting may be their best bet.
The shores of Hawaii are rife with surfing instructors who can teach people of all skill levels how to surf. While the winter months are most likely more busy than other months of the year, surf enthusiasts shouldn't have trouble finding a surf instructor online or through their hotel or resort.
Intermediate surfers: Many intermediate surfers may come to the North Shore and other areas of Hawaii to check out the competitions, possibly sign up for smaller ones, or just partake in the great waves that the winter can bring. Surfers will give the pre-qualifiers a try if they are interested in experiencing the spirit of competition and what the waves can bring.
Advanced surfers: Besides getting several hours of surfing in during the winter months, advanced surfers are certainly looking forward to this season for the competitions. When professional surfers aren't competing and don't have any injuries, many teach surfing lessons to beginners and enthusiasts who want to learn the basics while on vacation with friends or family.
Extreme erosion
While Sunset Beach in the North Shore and Kuhio Beach in Waikiki are always popular destinations for surfers, many officials are concerned about the extreme erosion that has taken place this season. Experts have stated that higher-than-normal tides have caused the extreme erosion.
Government officials have tried to fight the land loss by trucking sand to the beaches, but the majority of it has been swept away in a matter of days. This erosion may not only be harmful to the environment, but is also worrisome to surfers (who may have trouble getting to the beaches safely) and homeowners, who have seen their decks, pools, and land get swept rapidly away.
While the higher-than-normal tides haven't caused any deaths or injuries as of press time, the fact remains that surfing in the North Shore and around Hawaii, although popular, is still at the mercy of Mother Nature, who may have other plans in mind.
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