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article imageJ-Anime series 'Naruto Shippuden' hits CN's Toonami January 2014

By Can Tran     Nov 7, 2013 in Entertainment
Cartoon Network has announced that "Naruto Shippuden" will be airing on its Toonami block on January 2014. Also, it announced that "Space Dandy" will air on its Adult Swim block on January 2014.
For those that have access to Cartoon Network, a fan of anime, and a fan of “Naruto,” one should be glad to know about the most recent announcement made. Producers of the Toonami (the Japanese anime block) block of Cartoon Network announced that “Naruto” will be leaving that block soon; but, “Naruto Shippuden” will be joining in its place. Naruto Shippuden takes place where Naruto leaves off without the filler episodes and arcs (fillers are used to make sure that the anime doesn't catch up to the manga as it makes things easier for the mangakas).
Naruto Shippuden will air on Cartoon Network's Toonami block January 2014. In the manga, there's a two-year time skip in which Naruto leaves with Jiraiya to train for that amount of time since Sasuke had left with Orochimaru. The series marks Naruto's return to Konoha in the Land of Hidden Fire. In terms of the manga at this moment, it is still ongoing and it has Naruto going up against Tobi aka Obito Uchiha.
If you are a fan of Naruto, look forward to Naruto Shippuden on Toonami. Anime News Network (ANN) reports that the series aired on Disney XD with edits; when airing on Toonami, the series will be uncut.
In similar news, an announcement was also made that the new anime series called “Space Dandy” will also air on Cartoon Network. Space Dandy will be airing on the same night as Naruto Shippuden; but, the series will be airing on the Adult Swim block.
Space Dandy is the latest work from Shinichiro Watanabe who is known for directing the popular series “Cowboy Bebop.” In Space Dandy, space hunter Dandy and his companions hunts down aliens for big rewards.
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