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article imageOp-Ed: When Dogs Attack

By Alexander Baron     Nov 7, 2013 in Health
Loughborough - As yet another young child is killed by a dog, you might like to rethink "Man's best friend", and that means your family pet.
Earlier this week, 4 year old Lexi Branson was attacked and killed by a supposedly safe dog, a family pet that had been bought from a kennel. Although her frantic mother attacked the animal with a kitchen knife and managed to kill it, she was too late to save her daughter. An inquest has been opened and adjourned. If you still think of a dog as man's best friend, you might like to check out some of the following videos from YouTube. Viewer discretion is advised.
We begin in South Africa with a pack of wild dogs attacking a small antelope; they tear it to pieces in seconds, literally.
The next video appears to have been posted as a joke, but bear in mind the fact that the family pet therein is but a split second away from that pack in evolutionary terms. What would this baby's parents have done if it had turned on their daughter? Actually, it isn't their daughter! What would their neighbour have said if this video's title were taken literally?
The next video shows a pit bull with its jaws clasped around the neck of another dog. Imagine that is a child and not a dog it shakes like a rag doll, what would you have done?
Here is a 9 year old boy explaining how a dog attacked him; look at his face. it's difficult to credit that he was lucky to escape looking like this.
Here is a video of two American police officers shooting the family pets. Maybe they could have dealt with this in another manner, but anyone who has seen this video of a dog attacking and wounding no less than five unarmed police officers on a London street will not condemn them too harshly.
Lexi Branson is the latest in a long line of fatal dog attack victims including 5 year old Ellie Lawrenson and a 13 month old boy savaged to death by a Rottweiler. The elderly and even at times ordinary, healthy and fit adults are not exempt, like American Charles Hagerman who was killed by on of his own dogs in August last year.
At the very least we need to rethink the presence of this wolf-like creature in our midst, certainly some of them, like the pit bull, have no place in the home, and some would say no place anywhere near humans.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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