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article imageKey organizers talk about the Million Mask March Special

By Justin King     Nov 7, 2013 in World
Washington - Anonymous collective members met in downtown D.C. to discuss yesterday’s event and plan for next year’s March. Participants from all over the country discussed the ways to improve on the March and spread the message of Anonymous even further.
John Fairhurst, lead organizer of the Lafayette Park event, was discussing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the environment with Vice Chairperson Anne Bland of Finland’s Green Party while other marchers discussed the events of yesterday. The members of the discussion ranged in age from their late teens to their early forties, and lived as far away as California. The consensus was that, overall, the March had been a wonderful success. The presence of Anonymous was felt the world over in over 470 cities.
Fairhurst finished his meeting with the foreign dignitary as the conversation turned to the Washington, DC March, which spawned an impromptu occupation of the Capitol, the Department of Justice Headquarters, and various other buildings and streets around town. Fairhurst explained his feelings on the March in detail.
John Fairhurst discussing Genetically Modified Organisms with Anne Bland of Finland s Green Party.
John Fairhurst discussing Genetically Modified Organisms with Anne Bland of Finland's Green Party.
It wasn’t exactly what I envisioned. I thought the speeches and concert would occur at Lafayette and that if people marched later that would be great. But that’s the thing about Anonymous. I’m not a leader. There are no leaders; that’s the reason it will never be stopped. The collective took what I had planned, and decided to expand on it and take the protest directly to the doors of those responsible. I can’t take credit for the success of the March and the statement that was made. Every Anon that marched made that happen.
When asked how he felt about the flood of photos coming in from all over the world of successful marches he said
I don’t know how to feel about it. I’m still absorbing it. It’s like a dream.
The group decided to continue their discussion over a late dinner and headed to a local restaurant chosen for its vegan menu. On the way, Anonymous held true to their Robin Hood image and stopped off briefly in an ATM enclosure a homeless individual was using to shelter from the weather, providing him with money and some cigarettes. A member of the group made reference to Operation: Human Angels as they walked away from the door.
Anonymous activists donating money to homeless man.
Anonymous activists donating money to homeless man.
Upon arrival at Founding Farmers restaurant, the party was promptly seated and the waitress began taking the table’s order. The waitress was called over by a woman who later introduced herself as the manager. The manager approached the table and stated that they would be unable to serve the party due to their intoxicated appearance. She was asked how the party appeared intoxicated and she stated that when the party arrived, they were staggering. The manager was asked who specifically she was referring to because one member of the party is a veteran who nurses a slight limp occasionally. She stated “All of you.”
The party left without incident, although one of the younger ladies did take a few extra trips in the revolving door.
Anonymous activists after being ejected from a restaurant. (Faces blurred to protect anonymity.)
Anonymous activists after being ejected from a restaurant. (Faces blurred to protect anonymity.)
On the street in front of the building, the group discussed where to find an acceptable vegan menu and their indignation of being asked to leave when none of the party were intoxicated. Particularly upset were the veterans and active duty military in the group, as well as Michael Pendleton whose personal beliefs preclude him from drinking any alcohol. Those under the drinking age found more humor in the situation than anger. A group of pedestrians inquired about the incident and during the discussion their eyes drifted to the masks hanging on backpacks and shirts. It should be noted that no member of the party was concealing their face with the masks. One of the passersby laughed and remarked “I could see a concern in a bank, but nobody’s robbing this place.” The group quickly came to the belief that the masks were the real reason they were asked to leave.
Unable to find a suitable establishment that would serve everyone’s tastes, the group moved a block away from the restaurant to continue the discussion and interview.
Fairhurst briefly talked about his discussion with the Finnish representative who appeared to him to be interested in ending GMOs in her country. Then he went on to say
Activists and journalists discussing next year s Million Mask March. (Faces blurred to protect anony...
Activists and journalists discussing next year's Million Mask March. (Faces blurred to protect anonymity.)
We made our mark. Anonymous controlled the city yesterday; Metro Police didn’t want to have a huge incident and gave us the run of the town. Anonymous chased the President out of his house. Anonymous made the Department of Justice close their doors. DC won’t forget us anytime soon. They should have expected us.
He went on to express an almost begrudging respect for the restraint shown by Metro Police during the March.
In a lot of cities we would have been hit by riot police as soon as people exercised their rights to peaceably assembly.
Fairhurst’s statement about making their mark on DC was proven true when four police vehicles showed up at the restaurant. He found it doubtful that kind of response would occur if the manager simply called to report public intoxication.
Law enforcement arrives shortly after Anonymous activists are asked to leave a restaurant.
Law enforcement arrives shortly after Anonymous activists are asked to leave a restaurant.
They will remember the fifth of November.
Fairhurst then excused himself, and later that night met again with the member of the Finnish Green League.
Correction: Original article and information stated Fairhurst met later with a Dutch Member of Parliament. The article has been amended to read he met a second time with the Finnish representative.
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