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article imageA formal introduction to MF Grimm, Percy Carey Special

By Layne Weiss     Nov 6, 2013 in Entertainment
Los Angeles - Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of talking to lyricist, producer, and comic book writer, MF Grimm, real name Percy Carey.
As a young boy, Percy was a member of the cast of Sesame Street. His mother's friends as well as his neighbor,actor Morgan Freeman, suggested she take him down to Sesame Street, and he was personally chosen by Jim Henson to be on the show. "I had a great time," Percy tells me. "Being on Sesame Street helped with my imagination and creativity," he added. "I understand the importance and power behind being on the show. Jim Henson taught me how to use my imagination." Carey would one day go onto become a lyricist, best known as MF Grimm.
Percy grew up around hip-hop. "I grew up around DJ Looie Loo," he said. Percy also grew up around the B-Boys in the film Wild Style
as well as the Rock Steady Crew.
"Growing up around them influenced me to wanna be an emcee.," Percy said. "People were doing graffiti, some were breakdancing. I had to figure out what I wanted to do and I decided I wanted to be an emcee." Percy decided he wanted to be a serious emcee at the age of 14. "My mother supported me. She bought me a microphone and turntables."
In 1994, MF Grimm was shot by rival drug dealers. As a result of the attack, he lost his sight, hearing, and was paralyzed from the waist down. He recovered full vision, hearing, and speech abilities, but is still paralyzed. Percy has turned the wheelchair into a positive. "I've been paralyzed for 20 years," he tells me. Sometimes "I forget I'm even in a chair." Percy uses the experience to talk to children who may potentially get involved in a life of crime and hustling as well as children who have been incarcerated. He uses the chair as a "strength, not a weakness," he tells me. "I know this chair is being used in a positive manner in regards to children so they don't follow in my footsteps of drug dealing and shooting."
In 2000, Grimm was sentenced to life in prison following narcotics and conspiracy charges. He paid a bail of $100,000 and left prison for one day. That night, he recorded "The Downfall of Ibilys: A Ghetto Opera," a full-length album, with fellow rapper and friend MF Doom.
Sentences. Following an appeal, Percy spent only three years in jail. We didn't discuss his time in prison or even his sentencing. It happened nearly 14 years ago. That's basically all he told me. And I was more interested in how he recorded an entire album in one night! But Percy told me he was used to working fast. He recorded 2004's "Digital Tears: Email From Purgatory" in two days. "I created all the music while I was in jail," Percy told me. "I got out, went to the studio and made the album." In 2006, MF Grimm released "American Hunger," a triple CD. It is the only triple album ever created by a solo hip-hop artist. The project took months, but Percy's hard drive crashed and he lost all the music. He re-did it in 11 days. "I'm used to writing quick," he says. "Now, I prefer not to." Percy is now 43-years-old, and while he doesn't consider that old for life, he feels there is an "expiration date" of sorts put on hip-hop. 43 might be old for a football player, but it's not old for music. Percy feels that his age reflects his knowledge and wisdom. He has grown so much and wants to share that growth through his music. His newest album, "Good Morning Vietnam Part 2: Golden Triangle," comes out tomorrow, November 7. It is available for purchase at Vendetta Vinyl and FatBeats. The first "Good Morning Vietnam" album was released just under a year ago, in December, 2012.
Percy is really looking forward to tomorrow's album release. "This is my favorite album," he told me. "It's like my first album. This is the way I would have made it if I had more time. He tells me how appreciative he is of this album. "I don't like to listen to my own music. I think it's counterproductive to be caught up in your own hype," he says. "But right now, I can't get enough. I love listening to this album!"
Up until Good Morning Vietnam, all of Percy's music releases had a lot of producers involved. These last two albums have only involved Percy himself and producer Drasar Monumental. He looks at this partnership as more of a team. They have a great chemistry like DJ Premier and Guru, collectively known as Gang Starr.
. "I appreciate their chemistry. That's what Drasar and I have," Percy says. "I know Premier and I knew Guru."
In 2007, Percy released a comic book about his life called "Sentences: The Life Of MF Grimm." Initially, Percy wanted to write about Superman and Batman. DC Comics told him if he wrote about himself, he could submit stories about Superman and Batman. He took the deal. In 2008, Percy was nominated for two Eisner Awards, the equivalent of the Oscars in the comic book world, for "Sentences." "Just being nominated is a great honor," Percy says. The book also won two Glyph Awards for Best Cover and Story of the Year.
Now, Percy is president of Arch Enemy Entertainment, a company that consists of several writers and illustrators. Arch Enemy Entertainment releases new comic books everyday. They have a strategic partnership with USA Today and release content exclusively for the publication. Percy works with actors Shane West and Ryan Guzman along with many other writers and artists to create comic book content.
In the end, Percy Carey is an incredible man with a fascinating story. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to talk with him, and even more happy to be able to share this interview with all of you. "I am still learning and I still have room for growth," he tells me. I personally take this to mean more music from MF Grimm and Drasar in the future. Don't forget to order "Good Morning Vietnam Part 2: Golden Triangle," out tomorrow!!
Thank you, Percy Carey!
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