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Review: HTC One a contender for year's best phone Special

By Daniel Edwards     Nov 6, 2013 in Technology
After years of producing products that were going unnoticed by consumers, HTC seeks to regain relevancy once again with the uniquely designed flagship device the HTC One.
Not long ago, smartphone maker HTC was in the position to become the preliminary brand to battle Apple’s iPhone in the quest to gain market share.
Apple’s software rival, Google’s Android, chose HTC to develop the first Android software-based device, the HTC G1, software which now controls a large percentage of the smartphone market.
Google is currently ranked as the third most valuable company in the world behind Apple and ExxonMobil. Android’s dominance has surged while HTC has been dethroned by Samsung as Google’s go-to phone maker, bringing HTC’s relevancy to a low of six per cent of the market in 2013.
In an attempt to restore the brand, HTC released its new flagship device, the HTC One. The HTC One is a definite contender for phone of the year due to its finely crafted exterior and innovative features.
The physical specifications of the HTC One are impressive, especially its full HD 4.7-inch screen which displays crisp pictures and high resolution videos, which at some moments feels like you are viewing a television.
Although there are numerous devices that have screens larger then the 4.7-inch gorilla glass on the One, due to the device being narrower and longer than comparable smartphones it may feel uncomfortable for some users.
HTC responded to this issue by launching the HTC One mini in August which offers similar features in a smaller form.
Through using HTC’s flagship device it is quite evident that HTC was aiming to create a device that went against the normalcies of the smartphone market.
The current market trend is to create a device that is thin, large-screened and plastic, with average speakers located on the back of the device.HTC followed the trend of a thin design with a large screen, but that is where following the crowd ends for this device.
The HTC One is the perfect combination of durability and elegance with its all-aluminum body.The inclusion of high-end Beats headphones as well as HTC’s trademark BoomSound amplifiers in the front-facing speakers creates a rich sound which, when taken with the other features, makes the HTC One a great all-around entertainment device. Call quality, an aspect of smartphones that tends to be overlooked due to their more innovative features, was relatively clear and had no instances of dropped calls.
Overall HTC has produced an all-around device which has very few flaws.The HTC One is definitely not a cookie cutter device, and those looking for a phone that will stand out in the crowd should put the HTC One and its other variations on their list.
HTC created a great device, but mass consumers wrote off HTC products as a potential purchase a few years ago.
In a market controlled by consumers who patiently await the new offerings from Samsung and Apple, as well as Apple reporting sales of 33.8 million iPhones in the last quarter, HTC has a long road ahead to recovery.
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