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A writer or a life-long comic geek Special

By Lesley Lanir     Nov 4, 2013 in Entertainment
Glasgow - Danny Gillan, a Scottish writer, musician and care worker continues to answer digging questions about his health with more than honest replies.
Danny explained that he had had a heart-attack or series of heart-attacks which he had self-diagnosed as an on-going chest-infection or possibly lung cancer despite an obvious family history of heart problems and at the same time he discovered he had diabetes; He survived but what came next and does he only focus on writing fiction? He continues his story.
What was recovery like? Were there any major restrictions?
Mainly it was, or at least felt, slow. For the first week or so I could barely leave the house, which was great. This meant various friends and family members regularly brought me food and did the cleaning while I caught up with all the TV I’d missed and messed about on Facebook.
After a heart attack, perceived weakness becomes almost as debilitating as actual weakness. You’re very aware of this big lump of an organ in the middle of your chest and every time you cough or burp you’re petrified it’s going to explode again. This takes a few weeks to fade.
Did you have to do any type of structured rehabilitation?
I was supposed to go to rehabilitation classes for ten weeks, but I only managed three before the embarrassment of being regularly out-performed on the exercise bikes by geriatrics led me to abandon them.
How do you manage your diabetes?
Both diet and tablets. As it's type 2, I don't actually need insulin, just a couple of other meds to help my body deal more efficiently with sugars.
Do you want to expand on the 'dark times' or offer any kind of advice?
I think most of us have been there to some degree or another. All I would really say is that, if you do find yourself becoming overwhelmed by things like stress, anxiety or depression, then get some help. There is a lot of support, be it professional, medical or natural out there, and there’s no need to suffer in silence.
Also, don’t be afraid to make changes. If you can identify areas of your life that are causing or triggering the problem, then change them. Leave the job, end the relationship, get help with the debt – whatever it might be. Big changes are scary but they’re also fun sometimes. Throwing all the cards in the air and seeing where they land can be very freeing and I’d recommend it to everyone now and then.
So, do you have any lifelong habits or endearing qualities?
I’m a lifelong comic geek. I can’t sufficiently describe the magnitude of the joy I feel now that Hollywood has the technology to make decent comic book movies.
I take it you don’t believe you have any endearing qualities?
None that I’m aware of.
What is your favourite comic books character?
It was always a tie between Spider-Man and Batman when I was a kid. These days I lean more towards John Constantine from Hellblazer and Constantine.
Danny, any advice you’d like to offer to writers who are just starting out in fiction or non-fiction?
Only do it if you actually enjoy it. There’s definitely no money in it, so, if it’s not fun there really is no point. As with most things in life, expect to fail.
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