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article imageOp-Ed: JFK assassination second shooter a Secret Service agent?

By Paul Wallis     Nov 3, 2013 in World
Dallas - If ever failure to solve a crime tarnished a nation, the JFK assassination is that crime. The much-theorized second shooter may well have been a secret service agent.
Also to the point is forensic information that Oswald’s full metal jacket rounds could not have caused the fatal head wound.
The Globe and Mail:
JFK: The Smoking Gun (Sunday, Discovery, 8 p.m.) is one of the most controversial of the bunch. Made for the tiny U.S. cable channel Reelz, it’s a two-hour docudrama based on the book of the same name by former Australian police detective Colin McLaren. He claims to have spent years on “the forensic cold-case investigation of JFK’s assassination” and says he believes he has found “the smoking gun” that killed the president. His conclusion is not the accepted story.
It’s essentially this: a Secret Service agent accidentally shot and killed Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald did indeed shoot, but only one bullet hit Kennedy.
The claim here is that George Hickey, a Secret Service agent riding in the car behind Kennedy, panicked and a gun he was unfamiliar with accidentally discharged, hitting and actually killing Kennedy.
An accidental head shot from an AR15, in fact. Stranger still, the agent accused of firing the shot was unfamiliar with that particularly dangerous weapon. At that time, the AR15 was one of the most dangerous guns on Earth. At automatic firing rate, it can disintegrate a human being. It fires “frangible” rounds which basically explode after penetration and do massive damage on exit. (This also explains the famous Zapruder “exploding head” film footage.)
Hickey was also, for some reason, in the “sniper role,” a counter-fire role which is supposed to respond to attacks. Why give the role to an allegedly inexperienced agent? It can’t have been the first time he’d handled an AR15, can it? Contradictory accounts indicate that the weapon was already cocked and loaded. It’s obvious that the weapon wasn’t on auto fire.
The secret service vehicle was behind the Presidential car. Oswald’s “single shot” was found to be correct, but the Warren Commission got the seating arrangement wrong. The bullet went straight through both men. The full metal jacket, a military round, was quite capable of penetrating Kennedy’s neck and hitting Connolly, the governor of Texas, as the Warren Commission found.
Oswald fired two rounds, according to the new investigation. The second shot missed. The third round, supposedly fired by Hickey, was the fatal round.
Which brings us to a problem — the chances on an accidental head shot are astronomical. This is the most difficult shot. Best practice, in fact, is to hit the torso, doing organ damage which will be fatal.
There’s now no doubt about the third shot. It was a different calibre to Oswald’s 6.5 round, a .223 calibre or similar round — exactly like the AR 15. Hickey allegedly stood up holding the weapon, then “fell back” into his seat.
(“Flashless” fire is well known. Apparently not smokeless, however.)
The first ballistic study of the assassination was carried out by an American ballistics expert, Howard Donahue. Donahue’s work established that the fatal round could not have been fired from the book depository. It was fired from behind the President, but at a much lower angle than the 16 degrees from which Oswald fired.
Many witnesses said they smelled gunpowder at the time of the shooting. The gunpowder could not have been from Oswald’s gun. He was downwind of the motorcade, and the gunpowder was smelled at ground level.
Now the question: Another red herring? Hickey was standing in plain sight holding the AR15. No information is given whether the AR15 was fired. Given that a secret service agent firing at the Presidential vehicle would have been to put it mildly conspicuous, was there another round fired by a similar weapon?
A secret service cover-up is the current theory. Apparently everyone in the vicinity of the autopsy was forced to sign a gag order. The secret lives on, with a new, disgusting, if not unexpected twist. Nearly all X rays and photographs subsequently disappeared. At least one “forged” X ray was supposedly made.
The results of the Warren Commission are well known. Most Americans didn’t and still don’t believe it.
The other stories
The fact is that this was a murder of an elected President. It was a deliberate attack on democracy. The nauseating, misanthropic underground culture which is allegedly responsible for the death of the President and his brother has been speculated about enough. The insanity of those times, which also saw the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. echoes the raving anti-public lunacy of the present.
Lee Harvey Oswald called himself a “patsy.” Jack Ruby suddenly had a burst of patriotism and killed Oswald. None of the people linked in conspiracy theories to the assassinations survived the 1960s except the improbable Dr. Alton Ochsner, a fervent anti-communist who’d talk with Oswald about assassinating Kennedy, killing Castro, and other cottage-industry hobbies. Ochsner was the doctor to first link smoking to lung cancer. He also claimed sex caused cancer. Another associate was a failed monk, and ex-CIA pilot called David Ferrie.
This collection of assorted nuts was also associated with the bizarre murder and partial incineration of a Dr. Mary Sherman, engaged in viral research related to contaminated polio vaccines believed to have caused an epidemic of soft tissue carcinomas. Dr. Sherman worked in a clandestine CIA-funded laboratory using a particle accelerator, both of which miraculously disappeared after her death. So did the guy who installed it. He was vaporized by the machine.
To put it another way, a collection of nuts whose testimony against anyone could have been easily dismissed on their dubious levels of sanity, and Oswald winds up in the Book Depository, holding a gun? A bit too good to be true, isn’t it?
See Edward T. Haslam’s book Dr. Mary’s Monkey, for one of the most appallingly gruesome bits of reading Stephen King never wrote.
To quote a famous Americanism: “Now we know that, what do we do?”
There are a few things:
1. This was a homicide. Under US law, homicide cases are not closed until a judicial finding of guilt is made.
2. No American government has the right to cease investigation, nor should it, until actual guilt is proven. Guns don’t fire themselves.
3. This was an act of terrorism, treason, and murder. All Federal crimes. All covered by the various security laws, ironically, if those organizations will condescend to do their jobs.
The assassination of JFK was also the beginning of the toxic American nightmare which began with Vietnam and persists to this day. Whatever caused it must be destroyed, completely. Anyone or anything associated with it must be eliminated from American society. The deaths of the Kennedys and Dr. King were nothing less than an unpunished killing spree, an insult to America by any standards.
No group or groups can be permitted to have this sort of power.
I remember watching Jamie Johnson’s “The One Percent” and wondering, “What are these very rich people scared of?” I think I know, now. If you can get away with killing Presidents and Senators, why not corporate presidents and rich people?
Just one more thing- The Reelz TV thing is getting instant flak. It didn't happen, it couldn't happen, another theory says something else. Anything that gets this sort of response from people who've never done a damn thing but quote other people has to be worth following up. There's no doubt that secret service agent, even if guilty, wasn't acting on his own. There's a lot more to discover, obviously. Start talking, trolls.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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