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article imageOp-Ed: Restaurateur acknowledges his humble beginnings Special

By Jonathan Farrell     Nov 2, 2013 in Food
San Francisco - Like most world cities, San Francisco has an array of all sorts of foods and dishes from every part of the world. So, when news was released that a local restaurant owner is branching out, he wanted to acknowledge the place where he started.
Residents along Balboa Street in the City's Richmond District might recall Bistro 1620 that was on Balboa at 18th Ave. Chef Ramni Levy who owned and operated the bistro for more than a decade was praised by the SF Chronicle's food critic Bill Daly as being very passionate about his work.
Levy is still passionate about food and hospitality, and he is still in the City. Only now, he has taken his culinary vision and talents to a new level. Levy is celebrating the one-year anniversary of his knish business, which since its launch in November of 2012 as King Knish has been growing.
The classic potato is the basic knish that most people know. Yet chef Ramni and his crew want to cha...
The classic potato is the basic knish that most people know. Yet chef Ramni and his crew want to change that.
Courtesy of Chef Ramni Levy
"I am not only passionate about what I do, I take great care and dedication to quality to ensure what I make is the best," said Levy. The son of a rabbi, Levy saw the potential of the traditional knish as the next food craze. His brand message for King Knish is "an old world dish with a new twist."
Levy explained further, "A knish, he said is basically a snack made with potatoes." Similar to dumplings and other stuffed food treats, knish has been a part of tradition on the East Coast for over a century. Levy is eager to bring the knish to San Francisco and of course beyond as Levy has dreams.
Expanding the taste palate of this old world dish is chef Ramni Levy s passion. Here is a knish stuf...
Expanding the taste palate of this old world dish is chef Ramni Levy's passion. Here is a knish stuffed with pastrami.
Courtesy of Chef Ramni Levy
Not one to rest on his laurels as a restaurateur, Levy is always busy. He envisions his knish creations as a major hit once the food-savoring public gets a taste of what he has in store. His knish ideas are more than the traditional, "classic potato" he has created such original delights such as the Wasabi potato knish, Pastrami knish and Curried Beef knish. His own creative sauces and compotes compliment levy’s knish creations. Fresh Rosemary-honey Mustard, Red Bell Pepper Chutney and Berry Medley Compote are popular favorites with customers.
He credits much of his vision and even some of the ambition to the traditions he was brought up in. Arriving in San Francisco for a business trip more than 20 years ago, he was immediately taken in by the City. "I saw opportunities everywhere, especially with regards to food and hospitality," he said. On a whim he decided right then and there that he knew he had to return to establish himself.
And, upon returning, when he found the location of 1650 Balboa that too was an opportunity he did not want to let slip by. "I love the neighborhood, the Richmond District is very alive and down-to-earth. It is also rich with culture, diversity and a strong culinary sense." Growing up in a Jewish home, he also appreciates the traditions that are kept alive and well in the Richmond District. Although, he is very clear about what he knows to be authentic kosher food.
Sweet potato knish is one of chef Ramni Levy s favorites.
Sweet potato knish is one of chef Ramni Levy's favorites.
Courtesy of Chef Ramni Levy
Bringing to San Francisco what Levy believes is real true kosher food, which is his next endeavor. Yet for now his knishes are keeping him very busy. "I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to own my own restaurant and I thank the Richmond District for that. It is a great place to live and work and I am proud to say that I got my start there," Levy said. Yet for now King Knish is keeping Levy very busy.
To learn more about chef Ramni Levy and his king knish creations, visit his web site. And, visit his Facebook page.
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