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article imageReview: Soaps and the ‘Femme Fatale’ Special

By Alexander Baron     Nov 2, 2013 in Entertainment
Yet another non-accidental death in one of the UK's leading soaps, and not for the first time the murder weapon is wielded by a woman.
The odious Michael Moon has departed EastEnders and this Earth for good, and for those with long memories, there will be a sense of déjà vu. In 2005, an arguably even more odious character departed this mortal coil in similar fashion.
Pub landlord Dennis Watts was murdered - for the second time! - by his wife, and buried under the cellar. But, as with this latest departure, the woman who struck the penultimate blow thought she had done him in. This time it is sweet little Alice, who has perhaps lost a tinge of her innocence. Seeing her lover/exploiter with his hands around the neck of his estranged wife, she picked up a knife - the knife - and stabbed him. Then, as she went to unlock the door for plod, Janine struck the second and fatal blow. Regulars of this soap will probably agree that a more fitting end would have been for Michael to strangle Janine and hang himself in his cell while on remand charged with her murder, but alas EastEnders viewers can't have everything, even though Halloween is a fitting night for a witch to die.
In Coronation Street we have seen the odious Tracy murder her live-in lover and then released from gaol on a technicality. Rumour has it she may claim another victim, this time a young woman who has rubbed her up the wrong way, while in Emmerdale, the previous lord of the manor was murdered by his wife and buried on his land while her odious son framed one of the local farm hands. Actually, she wasn't legally his wife, he had married her bigamously, and they would have got away with the fit up if hadn't been for village lowlife and part time superhero Cain, who has yet again saved the day this time for his bike ride turned lover, Moira.
At the moment, things have simmered down a bit in the soaps, but there may well be yet another murder in EastEnders, one that was committed sometime ago although to date we have only had hints of it, like large rats crawling around where the body has been dumped. What happens next could depend on the ratings; the Michael Moon murder plot is said to have attracted 6.4 million viewers. Eleven years ago a much weaker plot pulled in double that.
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