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article imageTopFinds: Blackfish doc targets SeaWorld, deadly shooting in L.A.

By David Silverberg     Nov 2, 2013 in Internet
Read how a powerful film on SeaWorld, recently broadcast on CNN, is angering animal rights activists across the world. L.A.'s busy airport endured a horrific shooting Friday. What do your Facebook "friends" say about you? Welcome to this week's TopFinds.
As we do every week, we've collected the top news stories and compiled them on one page. Digital Journalists covered breaking updates on science news, in-depth entertainment profiles, posts on the latest crime news out of the US and much more.
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Review: Drake delights hometown crowd in Toronto (Includes first-hand account) by Burke Mudge
On October 25 at the Air Canada Centre, Torontonians got to see something unique and rare: a returning hometown hero at the top of his game. Welcome back, Drake.
Interview with rock band Yes: 'Cruise To The Edge' (Includes interview) by Markos Papadatos
Alan White, the drummer of the legendary progressive rock band, Yes, chatted about the legendary rock group's future endeavors, which include their headlining cruise next April titled "Cruise to the Edge."
Rock band Yes
Rock band Yes
Rob Shanahan, Courtesy of MSO PR
Cats-eyes — Do they see what we see? Pussy-cat vision explained (Includes interview) by Lesley Lanir
Ever wondered what cats see when they are looking at us? Ever considered that cats may see the world through a different set of eyes? With the help of experts, Nickolay Lamm investigated cat vision.
Review: Surrealist painter celebrates 20th year with Open Studios (Includes interview) by Jonathan Farrell
This weekend of Oct. 26 and 27, surrealist artist Cynthia Tom will be participating in the Open Studios event in San Francisco. This year will be 20 years since she had her very first Open Studios showing.
The 'Plein Air' of Sonoma is filled with hues of Autumn (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Jonathan Farrell
While some people may say New England is the best place to be in the fall, artist Kathryn A. Lewis would disagree. She is inspired by the very evident signs of autumn, especially as the abundant vineyards throughout Sonoma are changing color.

Top Images

Admire and buy hand-made witches at The Witches’ Cauldron and the Milkman on the Golan Heights.
Admire and buy hand-made witches at The Witches’ Cauldron and the Milkman on the Golan Heights.
Plein air painting is to paint a picture all at once without stopping  not allowing the paint to dry...
Plein air painting is to paint a picture all at once without stopping, not allowing the paint to dry. Well-experience with water colors, artist Kathryn Lewis has dedicated herself to painting with oil paints for the past four years.
Cuban music band performs at  La Bodeguita del Medio . The white message at the top-right is from fo...
Cuban music band performs at "La Bodeguita del Medio". The white message at the top-right is from former Chilean President Salvador Allende: it says: "Viva Cuba Libre, Chile espera" June 28, 1961 (The free Cuba lives - Chile waits.)
These folk obviously approved of the racket! They certainly had the groove.
These folk obviously approved of the racket! They certainly had the groove.
Painted pumpkins.
Painted pumpkins.
General view of the main nave of Havana Cathedral.
General view of the main nave of Havana Cathedral.
Jenny poses with Chinese high school students for Halloween
Jenny poses with Chinese high school students for Halloween
Quanto was stabbed to death after working for the Edmonton Police Service for three years
Quanto was stabbed to death after working for the Edmonton Police Service for three years
Edmonton Police Service

In the Media

Op-Ed: Blackfish highest rated film on CNN this year, dominates Twitter by Elizabeth Batt
SeaWorld perhaps believed it was the film that nobody would ever watch. Yet the premiere of Blackfish on CNN topped both Fox News and MSNBC from 9-11 PM in both the key news demo and younger viewers.
Op-Ed: Bombed by Blackfish, fallout continues for SeaWorld by Elizabeth Batt
Around 1.4 million people tuned in to watch Blackfish when it premiered on CNN last week. It was good news for CNN but bad news for SeaWorld. From open letters to tweets and Facebook comments, SeaWorld is being battered by public opinion.
Op-Ed: Is the real Obama deceptive, out of touch, or just incompetent? by W. Mark Dendy
The show “To Tell the Truth” first aired in 1956 on CBS, five years before the birth of President Obama. The show was originally titled “Nothing but the Truth,” but CBS chose to change it to “To Tell the Truth” the night before its debut.
Toronto Star on eve of Cheney Canada visit: arrest him by Ralph Lopez
An editorial in Canada's largest newspaper has urged that Canada not provide "safe haven for torturers," on the eve of a visit by former US Vice President Dick Cheney to Toronto.
New study says Facebook friends speak volumes about love life by Michael Thomas
A new study from Facebook social scientist Lars Backstrom and Cornell University's Jon Kleinberg shows that a Facebook friends list can usually predict whether a user is in a romantic relationship.
Smartphone saves Florida gas station clerk shot during robbery by Arthur Weinreb
One shot was fired during a robbery of a Winter Garden, Florida gas station. The clerk did not realize he had been hit until he pulled out his cellphone and found a bullet embedded in it.
Review: 'Duck Dynasty — Battle of the Beards' don't make you a 'redneck' by W. Mark Dendy
If being “redneck” is simple, the development of the app for the iPhone and iPad, Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards, is quite the antithesis.
LED Baby Stickman Halloween costume goes viral (VIDEO) by Mathew Wace Peck
An Internet video that shows a 22-month-old girl running around in the dark, wearing an LED Halloween costume has gone viral.
Watch all 3 gorgeous Luis Suarez goals — Liverpool vs. West Brom by David Silverberg
Saturday was another highlight reel day for Luis Suarez, the all-star forward for Liverpool. His three goals (VIDEO available in this report) gave Liverpool the easy win over West Brom. Suarez's manager called the hat trick "Magic!"
Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez
Edmonton police remember slain police dog Quanto by Arthur Weinreb
Members of the Canine Unit of the Edmonton Police Service held a public demonstration with their dogs to thank the public for their support after Quanto was stabbed to death on duty.
Review: Eric Church is not messing around with 'The Outsiders' by Andrew Ellis
Fans were teased with a mysterious video last week. Then it was also announced that Eric Church's new single, "The Outsiders," would be released to both radio and online October 22nd.
Public-funded Texas school teaches Holocaust rooted in evolution by Brett Wilkins
A publicly-funded charter high school in Texas is teaching students with an anti-science textbook that implies the Holocaust has roots in Darwin's theory of evolution.
Rockstar gives Grand Theft Auto V online users stimulus money by Jenna Cyprus
For many American gamers, the federal government isn't the only thing that's shut down. Apparently, even online games fail to address the needs of their users.
Yellowstone wolves possibly among those killed in Wyoming by Justin King
Recent kills by hunters in an area bordering Yellowstone National Park have biologists and wolf-watchers worried that the Lamar Canyon Pack has again been hit by wolf hunters in the area just outside the park.

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