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Jamie Silva: The harshness of discipline and the beauty of it Special

By W. Mark Dendy     Nov 1, 2013 in Health
Sacramento - Today, the National Physique Committee's Sacramento Bikini Contest is underway. Jamie Silva, an Elk Grove, CA resident is among the competitors.
But the 28 year old mother of two was not always as shapely as she is today and certainly not as healthy. In fact, she said she would never wear a bikini outside the house.
In an interview Wed. evening, Oct. 30, at California Fitness Club in Elk Grove, CA, Silva said that she became interested in physique competition while watching professional body builders compete in the 2013 Governor's Cup.
That was in March. Silva weighed 89 pounds soaking wet. She said, “I didn't know anything about the industry.” Keep in mind, that was just seven months prior.
Silva continued, “I followed the coaches on Instagram, and I met them later at a wellness clinic and they told me I needed to compete.”
The natural assumption is that at 5' 2" she was underweight but in shape.
Silva continued. “I was really unhealthy. I was underweight. I ate fast food once a day and cooked a meal at night. I looked like a skeleton.” Her husband, Tyson, who is a men's physique competitor agreed.
Silva was moved by the Handsome Muscle Team coaches encouragement and told them that perhaps she would be ready to compete by October.
The coaches insisted they could have her ready for a June competition so she reluctantly agreed.
What did "getting ready" entail?
Silva said, “The coaches put together a meal and exercise plan for me. They calculated a diet for me. Six meals a day. I had to eat every three hours. I had to cut out Starbucks and all my sweet tooth cravings and I could only drink water. I had to drink a gallon of water a day.”
Determination and willpower saw Silva through the intense eight-week period she had to ready herself for the June competition with the help of her supportive husband. “When I want that Starbucks, Ty is that little voice in the back of my head saying 'you can do this'. He is so helpful. Like when things get taken away from my diet and I get edgy, he'll say to the kids, 'Okay, let's give mommy a little time alone'.”
The whole idea of diet and exercise requires focus. Add in competition and it becomes even more mentally taxing.
But Tyson, who is also brand new in the industry shared a method that has helped his wife overcome some of the anxiety. He said, “When you start to look at food as fuel your body needs to do what you want it to do, it gets easier."
Silva readied herself for June and finished 6th out of 22 competitors. Despite her strong placing in her initial contest, her coaches said she needed more “attitude” on stage..
And with more attitude and well prepared in August, she stood on stage before a large crowd in Lake Tahoe in her competition bikini and took 1st place!
On Wednesday, the middle of Silva's peak week she was working on her upper-body. She weighed in at 108 pounds with 15 percent body-fat and she looked great!
Today, Silva should tip the scales at 105 pounds and after an intense period of discipline, diet, determination, and exercise, Silva will stand before the judges and a crowd of onlookers at the Sacramento National Physique Committee's competition, her husband Tyson cheering her on from the sidelines, and with just the right amount of attitude, will add another win to her record.
Jamie Silva is an exemplary model that demonstrates what diet and exercise can do if you have the discipline and dedication to turn a healthy lifestyle.
We are rooting for you Jamie!
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