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Bra sends Tweets every time it's unclasped

By Mike White     Oct 28, 2013 in Odd News
How long do you think you can be away from your cellphone or laptop? For those who can't stand to be for very long, a new bra Tweets every time it is unclasped.
According to Breitbart, the new bra was made for a campaign for Nestle Fitness for October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The bra has a special mechanism hidden under the hook. When unhooked, it transmits a signal to a cell phone. The cell phone then notifies a server, and a Tweet is generated.
Popular Greek TV presenter Maria Bacodimou will wear the bra for a total of two weeks. Anytime Bacodimou takes the bra off, a Tweet will be created that will be transmitted to her 150,000 followers on twitter. The Tweet will remind the recipients to perform breast self-exams. The Tweeting Bra even has an account on Twitter.
Who knows how many women might want to buy such a bra, if it were available worldwide? It sends Tweets in Greek only at the present time, however.
The India Times reported the bra was created by the Greek marketing group OgilvyOne Athens.
Bacodimou has created a video that tells how the bra works. The video states that the bra has a lifesaving mission, encouraging women to perform breast self-exams.
Yahoo News reported that besides reminding those who receive the Tweets to perform the breast exams, the website of the campaign gives more information about how to do the exams. The exams should be done once a month.
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