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article imageVideo: Zombie horror movie 'Contracted' trailer

By Can Tran     Oct 28, 2013 in Entertainment
A trailer has been released for the upcoming zombie horror flick called "Contracted" which gets a limited screening on November 22.
The first trailer for the upcoming zombie horror movie called Contracted has been released for viewing. The movie, starring Najarra Townsend and distributed by IFC Midnight, will have a limited screening on November 22. According to the movie's Twitter account, Contracted will also be made available via video on demand (VOD). This is a zombie movie in which explores another way of contracting a zombie infection instead of other methods such as blood-on-blood contact, getting bitten, getting scratched, and/or already getting infected from the start.
Townsend plays the story's protagonist Samantha who's a known party girl. The trailer establishes that Samantha is probably bisexual due to having a female lover but having a one-night stand with a mysterious guy named Simon. Due to relationship complications, Samantha moves back with her mother in which the relationship itself is also complicated. At a party, she cheats on her girlfriend by having a one-night stand with Simon. After that one-night stand, she's afflicted with a mysterious infection that's causing her to cough blood and causing her body to slowly decompose.
In short, Samantha got a zombie STD. This is possibly the first film that explores the idea of getting infected by the zombie plague through sexual intercourse.
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