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article imageSan Francisco realtor falls in love with fashion, wants to design Special

By Jonathan Farrell     Oct 30, 2013 in Entertainment
San Francisco - Along the fog-filled merchant corridor of Taraval Street, realtor David Klein is dutiful in the detailed and often stressful profession of helping people buy or sell a house.
Yet, as he says, "being in this profession helps me to pursue a passion that has taken me by surprise, fashion art." This past Oct. 20 Klein put together a show at the RAW Natural Born Artists, indie arts awards fifth annual event, featuring his own photo designs. With 15 models Klein featured about 30 to 45 pieces for that show.
The response to his designs from that show have been positive. "That was a fabulous show said Willa Cheng of San Francisco, I loved it." She and others posted their thoughts on Facebook. "I went, I liked, I bought, posted Jennifer Gonzales Troxell. And, she is..."awaiting more" she said.
Speaking on behalf of RAW, regional director of shows for the Los Angeles and San Francisco area, Tyler Turner said that "we are very selective." "RAW approached David as we look for quality and for local talent. His work fit perfectly with what we do," said Turner. He explained further that the goal of RAW is to be a platform for an emerging talent and to help bring that artist to a greater audience. "We like to have a variety of artists and styles and we select only the strongest," Turner said. Of the 210 artists considered for the RAW event this year, only about 30 were selected, "David was among them," Turner added.
Klein is excited and with the help of his son Jonny, Klein is pursuing something that if you had talked to him decades earlier he would have never believed it.
"My father was always an excellent photographer," said son Jonny. "But he always desired more in terms of making his images come to life. Wild Beautiful Clothing began with his idea to use his own slow shutter speed photography as decoration for leggings and dresses that result in a unique, bold, dynamic style to quench his creative thirst," Jonny said.
Inspired by the  Neon Lights  of Berkeley  CA just East of San Francisco Bay  this design is part of...
Inspired by the "Neon Lights" of Berkeley, CA just East of San Francisco Bay, this design is part of David Louis Klein's "Wild Beautiful" clothing line.
Courtesy of David Louis Klein and Wild Beautiful clothing
As Klein explained his life to this point, "I came to San Francisco from Los Angeles to attend San Francisco State University," he said. It was 1975 and he was eager to experience something more than what his upbringing in Los Angeles had been. Klein studied film, photography and acting and hoped to spring-board his career from there.
Yet despite his plans, "I met this girl at SF State and well, we got married," he said. Klein then put his dreams on hold and went on to raise a family in San Francisco." Raising a family became the focus but his dreams were always set in the back of his mind. Becoming a realtor allowed him flexibility to keep some of those dreams alive, even if just a bit through dabbling here and there.
After more than 20 years, his married life changed. They were not the same young people they had been in college. "In 2006, we went our separate ways," he said. And as Klein moved further along into mid-life, he decided to re-kindle his artistic interests by enrolling at City College of San Francisco. He took classes in photography, art, theatre and textiles.
Based on one of David Louis Klein s photographs of the Cal-Trans Building.
Based on one of David Louis Klein's photographs of the Cal-Trans Building.
Courtesy of Wild Beautiful Clothing and David Louis Klein
While occasionally taking on photographic assignments, Klein had the opportunity of shooting portraits of film and sound editors at Skywalker Ranch in Marin County. Yet, Klein remained primarily focused on creating fine art photographic images and portraiture. His work since then has been shown in cafes around San Francisco.
In 2009 David attended a fashion show to take portraits. He was inspired by the fine artists Dmitri Stroganoff and Devora Geday who had printed their artwork on fabric. With their designs on cloth, they had the fabrics made into dresses.
Suddenly, Klein realized his passion. "I fell in love with fashion and fabric," he said. He noted that it is an art form worthy of pursuit, just like any fine art.
Over the next five years, Klein figured out ways to have his photography-images printed on fabrics. He had these first prints made into club-wear dresses by a young designer. The positive response to those first dresses lead to the launching of the company "David Louis Klein" (no relation to the famous designer Calvin Klein, by the way) with the goal of finding a designer to partner with.
David Louis Klein with models Siara Hunt  Jasmine Dshay  Lisa Oliveras  Patrice Davis and Okolo Chul...
David Louis Klein with models Siara Hunt, Jasmine Dshay, Lisa Oliveras, Patrice Davis and Okolo Chuluunbat.
Photo by RE Vamped, courtesy of David Louis Klein
From Dec. of 2011 and In the spring and summer of 2012 a designer he employed Indu Arora who designed a collection of dresses with fabrics printed in Asia with his photo-artwork. Arora has since expanded in her own designs and established a line of clothing brand called RockChiq. "I made 12 to 15 designs different, silhouette and style," she said. "Photography (like David's) is easily applicable in designing garments as well as for (embossing) striking prints on fabric as an artwork in itself." "And (with those first designs) everything looked cohesive and stood out," said Arora.
This design based on photographs by David Louis Klein is entitled   Ocean Beach Sunset.  These origi...
This design based on photographs by David Louis Klein is entitled, "Ocean Beach Sunset." These original fabric designs of his can be purchased on the Wild Beautiful web site.
Courtesy of David Louis Klein and Wild Beautiful clothes
But as Klein was not the designer for Arora's collection he decided it was best not to bring this collection to the marketplace. Rather, he then decided to continue to pursue the goal of becoming a fabric artist for other designers. His photo-art being printed/embossed onto the fabric that clothes-designers would use for their creations.
Then the following year in January of 2013 a young designer referred him to the website: "Black Milk Clothing." Seeing popular art printed on fabrics and used to design simple clothing such as leggings and mini skirts this led David to realize he could design himself with his own work.
Klein, who has always enjoyed working with young people (he was a high school and Jr. college football referee for 15 years) realized he could start on the goal to create a unique brand of artistic clothing that would appeal to young women (and hopefully create clothing for young men as well). "I want to create a brand that is affordable, stylish, artistic and fun," he said. Klein and his son Jonny are looking for business partners and investors to help establish the endeavor. "I am not giving up real estate," said Klein, it will continue to help him fund his dreams.
To learn more about David Louis Klein and his art and fashion-design venture visit his clothing designs web site.
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