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article imageOp-Ed: Grand jury wanted Ramsey parents indicted in murder of JonBenet

By Robert Weller     Oct 26, 2013 in Crime
Boulder - A grand jury in Boulder, Colo., was asked to indict the parents of murdered JonBenet Ramsey. The jurors complied but the district attorney rejected it.
Grand jury sessions are private, and rarely made public. In the case of JonBenet, the six-year-old beauty queen murdered in her own home Christmas night or shortly after midnight Dec. 25, 1996, a journalist, Charlie Brennan, who has been following the case, pushed the courts to release what he had heard from sources.
“Journalism has been called the rough first draft of history. The first and subsequent drafts relating to the Ramsey grand jury, which I consider one of the most critical chapters of the Ramsey story, had it wrong. Now, the record stands corrected and completed,” Charlie Brennan told his employer, the Boulder Daily Camera.
It had been widely rumored that then-district attorney Alex Hunter was friends with John Ramsey and had not only shared evidence with Ramsey’s lawyers but in at least one case suppressed some.
The veteran police detective who investigated the case, Steve Thomas, sued by the Ramseys for libel and forced to move to Australia after writing a book accusing Patsy Ramsey of murdering her daughter, recreates the murder in “Jonbenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation.”
He wrote that after some sort of “explosive encounter in the child’s bathroom,” perhaps after she wet her pants, Patsy “slammed her against a hard surface, such as the edge of the tub inflicting a mortal head wound.”
Ironically, Thomas does not rule out that emergency aid might have saved her.
“It was accidental in the sense that the situation had developed without motive or premeditation, Woods wrote.
It was widely reported that JonBenet, who the Ramseys had tried to make a perfect princess, had a bedwetting problem.
Thomas wrote that by moving the body to the basement, where it was found hours later, after her kidnapping was reported, police mishandled the crime scene because they misunderstood what had happened.
Thomas said it was possible John Ramsey did not know what happened until he saw the ransom note and recognized Patsy’s handwriting.
No one was ever prosecuted in the murder, and Patsy Ramsey died of cancer June 24, 2006.
The murder was so contrary to the image of the university, chosen early for the site of Robin Williams “Mork and Mindy” TV series, it spawned many books.
“Perfect Murder, Perfect Town,” by Lawrence Schiller, was a book and mini-series on TV.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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