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article imageOp-Ed: Sexual predators in the news

By Alexander Baron     Oct 27, 2013 in Crime
Stuart Hall was back in the news last week, but he is far from the only sexual deviant to have been brought to book recently.
Nor even the most depraved. At the age of 83, Hall's days of interfering with underage girls are long over, even if he does see daylight again, which as things are going is by no means certain. Two men from the Croydon area have recently been found guilty of serious sex crimes: Peter Ross is a man of 56 who shares Hall's perversion, while Morgan Towner attacked an older woman.
Both stories were reported by the Croydon Guardian on Wednesday, at which point the jury was out in the Peter Ross case. He has since been convicted.
The assaults concerned were in a sense historic cases but it is clear they were genuine. The first dates to 2003; the second to 2005. One of the girls reported Ross in 2006, but dropped the allegation because she didn't think the police believed her. The younger victim reported Ross last year; with two independent allegations, this was a different proposition. When the police seized his computer - as they seem to do now as a matter of routine, whether or not sexual offences are alleged - they found he had been seeking out indecent images.
He was said to be a man who has a long standing interest in fantasies of this nature, which he had eventually put into practice. Ross is himself a father of two, but this will probably spell the end of his marriage and much else besides. He will be sentenced on November 8, and was denied bail in the meantime.
Morgan Towner might just be more odious than Peter Ross. Towner was cleared by a jury at Croydon Crown Court of the 2008 rape of an 18 year old girl. He was alleged to have drugged her and then raped her while she was sleeping.
Then, in another trial, he was convicted of the attempted rape of a 54 year old woman who was described as a mental patient. The only reason he was convicted of "attempted" rape is because he was physically incapable of carrying out the act, but the victim may just consider herself lucky, because the physical assault he carried out on her was potentially more serious.
According to Croydon police, Towner was arrested still on top of the victim within 6 minutes of a call by a concerned member of the public. He was given seven years for that assault, and might just consider himself lucky, but there is a suggestion that he may have been a serial attacker, so his troubles may not be over yet.
A somewhat bizarre story from north of the border showed a police officer learning the hard way that the privilege money can't buy comes into effect only if the perpetrator is "bent for the job".
Khalid Anwar is now a former police officer and a convicted sex offender. He had consensual sex with a woman four times, but that was not enough, so he raped her as well. A case of this nature is obviously difficult for any jury, but there was clearly more to it than was reported, due inevitably to the ludicrous taboo that surrounds all cases of this nature. Anwar had actually faced a second rape charge which was dropped during the trial.
He was convicted last month; last week he was sentenced to four years. As well as his honour he has thrown away his livelihood and undoubtedly his pension, and for what?
Ricardo Dunn was convicted at Woolwich Crown Court of raping a woman on three different occasions.
Again, very little detail has been reported, but the victim appears to have been a vulnerable person; instead of reporting any of the rapes she told her sister, who alerted the police. Dunn will be sentenced on November 22 when he can expect more than our bent copper friend in Scotland.
What was arguably the worst rape case to be heard by the British courts this month is that of Ilyas Ashar and his wife Tallat. This case received major news coverage; it concerned a victim who was trafficked into the UK from Pakistan 13 years ago, apparently for the purpose of holding her as a virtual slave. The case came to light sometime ago because originally the Ashars faced trial last year, but a retrial was ordered. This was not an easy case because the victim was deaf and being so young - around ten years old at the time - she could not have been in a fit mental state. As usual, the victim has remained anonymous, but anonymity is surely warranted in a case of this nature. Even the authorities do not know how old she is.
Ashar was convicted of 13 counts of rape - clearly specimen charges. He is now 84. He received a 13 year sentence, which is clearly not a day too long, and his wife was given 5 years. Also in the dock was their daughter, who was said by the trial judge to have been manipulated by her parents.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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