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article imageOp-Ed: Blogger's arrest, beating, followed other 'legal' intimidation

By William M. Schmalfeldt     Oct 25, 2013 in Politics
Columbiana - Roger Shuler, attorney, blogger, owner of the Legal Schnauzer blog, was apparently victimized on other occasions by Alabama authorities because of his writing about what he alleges is systematic corruption in that state.
In a blogosphere where a conservative can pretend that he has been mistreated by police or mischievous "lefty bloggers" and raise a ton of money overnight, the left wing blogosphere just became aware of Shuler's arrest and apparent mistreatment by Alabama police Friday morning, more than a full day after Shuler was dragged from his home and thrown into a police car.
After a truncated report on the arrest was allowed to remain on Digital Journal Friday morning, others began to pick up on the story, especially once it was listed on Google News. The parts of the story that were edited from the DJ version of the story can be seen here.
The website "Liberaland" read the edited DJ version of the story and assumed the writer had been leaked information from the same forces in control of the allegedly corrupt Republican Party of Alabama. More details concerning Shuler's arrest and manhandling were made available Friday afternoon on the website "OpEd News."
The arrest occurred as follows, according to an account Carol Shuler heard by jail phone from her husband. She relayed it in calls to me and radio host Peter B. Collins, who shared this account with his listeners following my interview with him for his show today:
Shuler’s wife, Carol, added details about the arrest of Roger. Like all of the events in this matter, the arrest appears improper – no warrant or other legal instrument was referenced or shown. Carol reports that her husband was invited to step out of his garage by the first officer; when Roger declined and tried to enter his house, he was grabbed, “whaled on” and sprayed with mace. She reports multiple injuries and that Roger was threatened with a broken arm by an officer as he was hauled off. We review the astounding lack of legal basis for the proceedings to date, from the selection of retired Judge Nielsen by state supreme court justice Roy Moore to the one-sided hearing that led to an illegal injunction and orders for Shuler to appear without proper service.
Shuler had earlier been victim of what seems to be an improper traffic stop. On October 2, Shuler posted a blog entry and a video that appears to show his being stopped by a Shelby County deputy for allegedly rolling through a stop sign was a bogus excuse to serve him with legal papers filed by people Shuler had been writing about, including Rob Riley, son of former two-term Alabama governor Bob Riley.
I immediately informed DeHart that he was mistaken, but he took my license and registration and retreated to his patrol vehicle. When DeHart returned, he presented me with a warning for the "rolling stop" and then handed me some court papers, saying, "Mr. Shuler, you've been served."
When I quickly realized that I had been the victim of an unlawful traffic stop, I confronted DeHart and called him a "fraud" and a number of other choice words. We nearly got into a physical altercation, and he threatened to arrest me before my wife spoke in a tone of voice that made it clear DeHart was going to have to deal with her. A false move at that point likely would have put DeHart's career at risk--especially when it was clear he had no lawful grounds to stop us, and we were about to enter the veritable den of sin that is the North Shelby Library.
Rational thought seemed to enter DeHart's reptilian brain for just an instant, enough for him to return to his vehicle while we drove away and tossed the legal papers out our car window for him to clean up. (I despise littering, and certainly don't advocate it under remotely normal circumstances. But in this situation, I felt DeHart deserved a giant "up yours," and that's what the fluttering papers were designed to give him.)
Amidst the fracas, I wasn't even sure what the court papers were about, although we had a few of them still in the car when we got home. I haven't looked at them, but Mrs. Schnauzer said she thought she saw the name "Liberty Duke" on them. That probably means someone has sued me for my reporting about Alabama lobbyist Liberty Duke and her extramarital affair with Birmingham attorney Rob Riley, the son of former GOP governor Bob Riley.
In his video, Shuler says "we will be proving more things about this bogus lawsuit in the future." That future is now in the hands of a judge who has jailed Shuler on a $1,000 bond for the "resisting arrest" charge (as one can see in the picture, it appears Shuler resisted arrest with the left side of his face), while declining to set bond for the two "contempt of court" charges, which means Shuler will be kept silent, in jail, until such time as a judge decides otherwise.
Shuler, shortly before his jailing, installed a Paypal button for donations on his website, Legal Schnauzer.
In his subscription website, Wayne Madsen, a man with more than 20 years of experience with national-The Wayne Madsen Report,security issues whose journalism has appeared in numerous daily newspapers, including The Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution, offered this opinion of what the Alabama Republicans are attempting to do to Shuler and his wife, Carol.
Roger Shuler, a veteran journalist with 13 years with the Birmingham News and a graduate of the University of Missouri's School of Journalism, one of America's top journalism education institutions, now knows what it's like to be a journalist in a Third World country like Sierra Leone or Honduras.
After writing a series of articles on his website Legal Schnauzer, Shuler has been hit with a "nuisance subpoena" by prospective GOP U.S. House candidate Rob Riley, the son of Alabama's former Governor Bob Riley, the man whose political chicanery and vote count rigging cost Democratic Governor Don Siegelman his job in the 2002 election and paved the way for Bob Riley to move into the Governor's Mansion in Montgomery for two terms. The younger Riley is planning to run for the seat of retiring Representative Spencer Bachus and is launching his bid by silencing Shuler, one of Alabama's most outspoken muckraking journalists bird dogging to Rileys and their nepotistic and kleptocratic political corruption.
Shuler has also gone after U.S. Judge Bill Pryor, a former Alabama Attorney General who is now a member of the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals who refused to recuse himself in the appeal of Siegelman who was sentenced to six and a half years in federal prison on trumped up charges brought by a cabal of Karl Rove GOP politicos in the U.S. Attorneys' Offices in Montgomery and Birmingham in a trial presided over by U.S. Judge for the Middle District of Alabama, Mark Fuller. Shuler doggedly pursued sex scandal stories involving Fuller, Pryor, and current Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, all Republican "family values" politicians.
Shuler's latest story concerns nude photographs of Pryor published by a gay porn website specializing in erotica featuring young males. So what's the problem if Pryor was of legal age at the time the photos were taken? Shuler nails it in one sentence: "In 2005, Pryor wrote a brief to the Supreme Court on behalf of the Texas anti-sodomy law where he argued that decriminalized gay sex would lead to legalized necrophilia, bestiality and child pornography." Well now. I guess the Eleventh Circuit should ensure that Pryor keeps his distance from funeral homes, barns, and day care centers.
Shuler remains behind bars in Shelby County, Alabama. No bond has been set for the contempt charges.
That's one way to keep him away from a keyboard, one supposes.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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