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article imageVideo: Ylvis and the 'Voice Controlled ATM' prank

By Anne Sewell     Oct 25, 2013 in Entertainment
Oslo - The Norwegian brothers known as Ylvis, creators of the viral music video "The Fox", also play the occasional prank. In this example, they set up a "voice controlled" ATM and the results are hilarious.
Digital Journal reported recently on the Norwegian brothers, Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, who host a chat show in Norway under the name of Ylvis. The brothers recently had a No. 6 hit on the US Billboard top 10 with their song "The Fox", which also went viral on YouTube with millions of views.
It seems that they are not only musically talented, but are pretty good at setting up pranks too. They set up a camera at an ATM in Oslo, and then had some fun with people trying to use the machine.
In the video, we see a lady approach the ATM with the hope of drawing some money. She puts her card into the machine, which then proceeds to talk to her, totally "misunderstanding" the amount of money she wishes to draw.
The next victim is a younger lady, and the "ATM" requests her to show the amount of money she wishes to withdraw by waving her hand. She finally brings the amount down to the required 100 kroner, but then the ATM gets nosy and wants to know where she is going. When she says they are going to a birthday party, the ATM tells her that is very little money and gets her to increase the amount.
The next victim gets to choose the language she wishes to use at the ATM, and naturally, gives her the wrong one and bursts into song in that wrong language, much to the consternation of the lady at the ATM.
And so it continues, with most people taking it well, and one guy getting a little upset.
Ylvis sets up a  voice activated  ATM prank in Oslo  Norway with hilarious results.
Ylvis sets up a "voice activated" ATM prank in Oslo, Norway with hilarious results.
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