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article imageYellowstone wolves possibly among those killed in Wyoming

By Justin King     Oct 25, 2013 in Environment
Recent kills by hunters in an area bordering Yellowstone National Park have biologists and wolf-watchers worried that the Lamar Canyon Pack has again been hit by wolf hunters in the area just outside the park.
The five wolves, two males and three females, which may have belonged to the Lamar Canyon Pack were killed in Wyoming’s Area 2, which sits just outside Yellowstone where the wolves are protected. The kills pushed Area 2 over its allowable quota, a quota many said would be impossible to reach.
Dave Hallac, Yellowstone’s Center for Resources chief said Game and Fish of Wyoming told him about the deaths
They simply let us know there is a reasonable possibility those wolves could be from the Lamar Canyon Pack,
The Lamar Canyon pack was hit hard last year, just a few months after the federal protections were lifted, when the pack’s Alpha-female, a wolf known as 832F, was killed just outside park boundaries. Her death caused the pack to fracture.
Over the last year, the pack regrouped and at the last count of wolves, the pack numbered eleven. Biologists and wolf-watchers will have to wait for another count to determine if the wolves killed were from the Lamar Canyon Pack because Wyoming enacted a statute that prohibits disclosing a killed wolf’s age, coloration, breeding status, or the precise location where the wolf was killed.
However, Wolves of the Rockies president Marc Cooke says he believes the wolves were from Yellowstone.
Study of the Lamar wolves helped biologists break the longstanding myth that alpha-males lead packs. 832F was instrumental in disproving this claim, as biologist Douglas Smith told NPR last year
She was clearly in charge, and actually, typically males are better hunters than females. That was not true in this case. She was a great hunter, in fact brought down elk by herself single-handedly,
He also described the impact the wolves have on tourism and society
People in this world today crave something real, and our society is lacking that, and they could come to Yellowstone and see real nature unfolding in front of their eyes with this very unique personality of a wolf, and they loved her. They thought it was great,
The video below was filmed of the Lamar Canyon Pack playing inside Yellowstone National Park in 2012.
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