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article imageReview: More murders on the way in the soaps? Special

By Alexander Baron     Oct 22, 2013 in Entertainment
After the demise of the village serial killer there is more death on the way for the denizens of Emmerdale. This time there are no suspicious circumstances, but elsewhere?
The Inside Soap awards have just been held, and it should come as no surprise that Emmerdale won the big prize, even though nominations closed September 9, and psycho serial killer Cameron did not meet his watery end until last week. That was some finale - drowned in a public house. Actually, it was probably the electric shock that killed him, but there was no rush to fish out the body and attempt resuscitation. Some people really do take these plots too seriously though. How about this comment from the Digital Spy website's forum?
"As we all want to see that murdering scum get his dues, Does anyone have any theory's as to who's blackmailing him". Ladies, please!
There is shortly to be another death in the village, but this time there is no need for CID much less a SWAT team; a doctor to sign the death certificate will suffice as an old codger goes to meet his Maker. Unlike Cameron, who has obviously gone in the other direction.
There is still scope for further murders, but these will be impulsive or if not impulsive then motivated by rage, jealousy and such. What of the other two leading soaps?
In Coronation Street last week, karma finally caught up with David Platt big time as his wife ditched him at their daughter's Christening, his mother disowned him, and his grandmother sacked him from the hairdressing salon where he worked, all in the space of less than 24 hours. There is certainly scope here for murder or at least unpleasantries in the near future, but from his reaction, suicide seems more likely, on account of his being totally devastated as well as both homeless and broke. Before that there is likely to be another natural if premature death, from cancer.
Which leaves us with EastEnders. As with the Emmerdale top prize, it should come as no surprise that Jacqueline Jossa won the Best Actress award. Here she is looking a million dollars, a far cry from her character, the trembling, jaundiced one-drink-away-from-death teenage alcoholic Lauren Branning, every mother's nightmare, a performance that was so realistic it was scary.
There is another murder on the way in EastEnders very soon as lowlife Michael Moon's corrupting influence on nice girl Alice leaves her with blood on her hands. But is it his estranged wife or the man himself who will leave Albert Square in a body bag?
Curiously no one seems to have noticed that another murder has been committed already, even though the scriptwriters have dropped a couple of big hints, the last being a rather large rat - one with four legs - that was seen scampering around near the premises of a certain businessman/weasel Ian Beale. The victim is Shirley, who was last seen in Phil Mitchell's garage with Albert Square's latest villain, Carl. Rumour has it that his stay here will be fleeting. Perhaps he'll be made to walk the plank? That may sound unlikely, but it won't be if the scriptwriters get their wires crossed, because the Square's regular mafioso Phil Mitchell is taking time off over Christmas to play Captain Hook in Peter Pan at Croydon's Fairfield Halls. Best not tell Al Stewart.
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