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article image4 Ferraris in bumper-to-bumper crash on French country road

By Anne Sewell     Oct 21, 2013 in Technology
Millau - Yes, you heard right. Four Ferraris crashed in a single incident, on a country road in France. Luckily no one was injured, but four Ferraris have gone to meet their maker, so to speak. Well, to get repaired anyhow.
It is hard to imagine how four Ferrari owners must be feeling right now after the spectacular pile-up in the French countryside at the weekend. And also hard to imagine what will happen to their car insurance premiums.
The incident apparently happened on Sunday morning, near the village of Fraysse, on the road to Millau in the Tarn region of southern France.
A local newspaper, La Depeche (in French) reports that the car owners had taken their Ferraris for a spin on Sunday and while they were out, they planned to visit "les Caves de Roquefort," the home of that famous cheese, as well as the village of Millau.
They were driving along in convoy, apparently behaving themselves, and had just passed a notorious speed camera named "The White Cross," where the speed limit is a strict 70 km/h.
What initial reports are saying is that the lead Ferrari was suddenly taken by surprise by a road sign, stating that there were some road works up ahead and that a speed bump had been installed.
The driver of that car is then believed to have slammed on the brakes too sharply, possibly hoping to avoid damage by going over a speed bump at, well, speed.
However, by doing so, he caused an even worse effect, as the cars behind him piled up, one after another, in a concertina effect.
Midi Libre (in French) said that three of the drivers were trapped in their cars and had to be rescued by firefighters. However, luckily they suffered no serious injury. They were, however, shaken up by the incident, and of course the damage to their expensive cars.
Apparently the road was then closed for two hours, as all that expensive debris was towed away.
A local body shop is hoping for some treasured business, although most probably the cars will be sent to specialists in the brand.
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