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article imageFirstLook: Kathryn Fergerson Releases Christian CD Special

By Kelly Jadon     Oct 21, 2013 in Entertainment
Kathryn Fergerson is a woman who has given her heart and her voice to God, for His purposes. It is He Who is ordering her steps.
This week she releases her new CD, "Kathryn."
A FirstLook
A fresh voice, heavy with the anointing of Jesus Christ has arrived on the Christian music set.
Kathryn Fergerson possesses a passion for God beyond the usual for a young woman about to turn 21. Her voice brings listeners into the presence of Jesus. Her testimony speaks to a generation of the lost, the seekers, the blind—about the power of the almighty God.
BackLook: As a growing toddler, Kathryn developed ear troubles, as many children do. Her mother, Amanda, noticed that Kathryn wasn’t learning to speak properly. Taking her for hearing tests, it was found that 90 percent of her hearing was blocked by fluid. Ear tubes were inserted, but the fluid wouldn’t drain. Her parents, Danny, a pastor, and her mother asked for prayer for their child at a revival. The next day at church, prayer for Kathryn was given again. Monday, at the pre-op appointment, Kathryn’s ears were still blocked. On Tuesday, Kathryn and her parents arrived at the hospital for a surgery to drain the fluid. Danny asked the doctor to check his daughter’s ears just once more. The physician found nothing. Kathryn’s ears were completely clear. The doctor himself declared the healing, a miracle.
Kathryn is a woman who is as lovely and humble on the outside as she is inward. Though inconceivable to audiences now, she admits to having had stage fright as a growing youngster. But her parents took her to church and encouraged her gift. No one in the Fergerson family claims musical ability. But they do claim the power of prayer.
When Amanda and her first husband, (now deceased), had planned for a baby, they first prayed together asking the Lord for a girl child, one who would give herself to God, have curly hair, and possess the gift of singing. Kathryn’s older sister, Katelynn, is that child. Then Amanda married Danny, Kathryn’s father. God blessed them too with a similar child. Amanda says that God gave them a double portion in Kathryn.
Kathryn Fergerson at Morningside Church
Kathryn Fergerson at Morningside Church
Kathryn’s gift arrived with God’s planning. Last June, Kathryn contemplated what to do with her voice. The small town of Osceola, Missouri did not offer many opportunities—indecision plagued her. And so she followed the wisdom of her parents—Kathryn prayed, “Lord, You gave me this singing gift. But I don’t know what to do with it. So please make it very evident to me what I am to do.”
Only two days later, Kathryn was singing at a school reunion. In attendance was evangelist and worship leader Jim Sunderwirth and his wife Dianne. He approached Danny Fergerson, with whom he has worked, and offered Kathryn a chance to come to Florida and record a CD. She did. And since then, has launched from Morningside Church, grown a Facebook following, been featured on the radio, and has been heard in many sanctuaries.
Though an up and coming talent, Kathryn is also a student at State Fair Community College where she is a junior studying Early Childhood Education. When asked about what her ideal date would be, she responds, “Going out to the shooting range and then to a Gaither concert.” Thinking about her future, Kathryn has invested in the “stock market”-- raising a few head of cattle on the family farm. Kathryn also enjoys hanging out with her friends and deer hunting.
She’s a tough but beautiful girl. Kathryn paints fences and lays asphalt. She knows what “hard work” means and has shown herself to be a woman of endurance and strength both physically and spiritually.
In her father’s words, Kathryn is a blessing, and a woman whose steps are being ordered by God. Kathryn herself states this, “Life isn’t always about having fun—some things open up doors to satan. Choose your friends wisely and listen to your parents.”
Certainly, Kathryn, a voice of hope, will continue to lift up the Name of Jesus. And as she does, He will guide her very life.
Find Kathryn online at: Kathryn Fergerson Music
Hear her voice at: YouTube
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