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article imageOp-Ed: BART union needs to rethink it priorities

By Stan Rezaee     Oct 21, 2013 in Politics
San Francisco - As the weekend comes to an end; Bay Area commuters are forced to prepare for a Monday without access to BART due to the ongoing labor strike.
Sadly the latest reporting have indicated that their will be no quick resolution to the on going labor dispute.
Negotiations between management and the labor union broke-down on Thursday over proposed automation to the administrative process along with rule changes that would have closed exploited loopholes. Unlike the last strike; the union is solely to blame for the strike because of their misplaced priorities of trying to protect the luddits and dishonest swindlers with in their rank.
Its understandable that the leadership wants to serve all its members, especially since as of 2012 only 11.3% of the work force is unionized. However to protect swindlers and luddits is just a pathetic act of desperation on their part.
The union had a choice to make regarding the subject. They could have accepted managements term on the condition that the current staff is properly trained in using the new technology. Instead they made the choice of crippling the Bay Area economy just keep a wasteful and outdated system.
At times its shocking to see that there are people in the Bay Area (the technological capital of the world) that to stupid to use something as simple as Google. Email or Google is not that difficult to work with while a lot of the tech developed in the Bay Area is aimed at a consumer market, hence their made to be idiot proof.
To live in the Bay Area and not have the basic understandings of a computer is the equivalent of being illiterate in America, its embarrassing and one should be ashamed of themselves.
Yet its unlikely the union has thought about the long term impact their strike is going to have on the Bay Area economy and their own future. The strike has disfranchisement 400,000 commuter while the Bay Area economy is losing $73 million a day in lost productivity.
Basically BART is an essential part of the Bay Area economy and its been shut down by people to incompetent to learn the basic features of a computer. This will add more fuel to the proposed law of banning BART workers from striking in the future or further cripple the organized labor movement in America.
The last time the union had to strike it was justified in their fight to protect their livelihood and to break the callous attitude of the BART management. They really need to reconsider their priorities in the future as the idea of firing them and automating their task is starting to seem like a really good idea.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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