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article imageSEO secrets shared at Search and Social Rank Symposium 5 Special

By Rob Campbell     Oct 20, 2013 in Business
Toronto - Search and Social Rank Symposiums are web marketing secret sharing groups; the fifth event just happened on October 15, 2013, in the Distillery District of Toronto. It was remarkable event thanks to its charismatic and knowledgeable speakers.
Search and Social Rank Symposium number five occurred on Tuesday the 15th October 2013 in the Boiler Room event space above 18 Tank House Lane in the Distillery Historic District of Toronto.
Designed and executed by Deborah Lewis of Toronto City Events, with help from David Shephard of Jib Advertising Agency in Toronto (who made the websites and banners), and myself, Rob Campbell this last event is sure to be remembered for the rest of time. I was the Event Moderator and spoke first, and now I leave this honest account of the entire proceedings for posterity.
Sixty five people braved the wet weather to come out to the Distillery District that evening and get some good ideas served fresh over a hot meal and a complimentary beverage.
I, Rob Campbell spoke first on SEO 101 and then while wearing my SMOJoe hat, I shed some light on how to use contests for web marketing and make links to sponsors appear as helpful resources inside compelling stories and informative content.
Brian Rotsztein went on stage next to talk about How To Use Videos For SEO. He's the CEO of an incredibly successful Montreal based internet advertising agency and he gave a good account of how powerful video marketing is these days. With everyone watching he demonstrated the fact by showing the top ten search results for How To requests, and noting the YouTube videos at the top of page one!
Brian Rotsztein staff make videos for client SEO and for his own ad agency web pages, and for the very popular Montreal based web magazines including Purposive tech blog which reports on social networking in Quebec. It's an interesting reality that now more and more often humanity is coming to rely on YouTube videos for education and communicating 'how-to' information. Google understands that users practical data queries have a higher rate of finding resolution and user satisfaction with video results over text or even picture filled text articles. Videos are better and the numbers prove it. Never forget that it's important to always make good content. 'Every time you publish a crappy video, a puppy dies!' Brian said while showing two cute and cuddly terriers on screen.
Nikki Fotheringham is Green Moxie and used the public speaking opportunity to describe exactly how she made herself into a mini web celebrity by sharing good DIY environmentally friendly tips and tactics for green living in urban environments.
Toronto based Vigorate email marketing Jennifer Balogh brought to life some intelligent arguments for using smart newsletter campaigns. She started by asking how many people in the room used email to advertise their businesses, and seemed surprised when forty or more hands shot up in the air. If you watch the video you can hear me say 'oh wow a lot of people.'
Jennifer spoke about Email Marketing in a Social World and gave a very informative presentation for everyone, and it would be especially poignant for anyone debating whether or not to start or discontinue doing newsletter campaigns. She got some laughs when she referenced Luis Hestres, who said 'Email is like Jason Bourne, somebody is always trying to kill it.' and then she asked us all, does email marketing deserve to die? Jennifer went on to prove again and again the validity of email; the decade and a half old mass communication system is still top of the charts in many respects. For example, email marketing is totally green; it's good for the environment. Jen also noted that its good for doing research because you get what she calls 'learnings' back in twenty four hours, while other campaigns take months to execute and report data. Also you can see how many people opened, and read your company's message, and how they shared the email (did they forward it? how through the browser? or tweet it to buddies?). Jennifer showed how mechanisms have evolved to track email sharing.
Next Jen dipped into the information rich topic of user generated content, and showed how some companies are making interactive newsletters by adding polls, and comment feedback areas. She showed example of highly successful newsletters from major companies like Uncommon Goods (their Mother's Day email campaign), Crate & Barrel using pins in their emails? and Crocs. She explained how email subscribers like to be made to feel special. For example Banana Republic gives subscribers and active promoters early access and special sale prices.
Give your email a happy, excited and fun tone of voice. "Make it fun", says Jennifer Balogh, "Emails with games are crazy viral. Fun games will take off without you doing any promotion." Lastly, Jen ended the talk by saying that social media can be a great amplifier for smart email content.
Geoff Whitlock discussed Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned Media and how it combines to make a web marketing P.O.E.M. that is custom fit for each one of his clients.
Geoff Whitlock is the high-energy CEO of Surround Integrated Marketing and for the last six years he's been building and collecting web media resources and content publishing networks with well establishing efficient social media promotion rituals to create a robust Content Marketing Strategy at Surround that reflects his ideological perspective, his web P.O.E.Try, and three-phase integrated marketing regime.
Today the event is history but what came out of the conference was a great chronicle showcasing all of the Search and Social Rank Symposiums on Squidoo; and there's a long copy digestive entitled Search and Social Rank Symposium Five on the Jib Strategic marketing blog in Toronto,
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