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article imageVideo: Guy late for work leaves funniest voicemail ever

By Anne Sewell     Oct 19, 2013 in World
This voicemail is just too good not to share. A man is phoning the office to explain that he's going to be a little late and then witnesses an accident. From there on in it just gets totally hilarious.
The guy calls his boss, to let him know he's running a bit late, when he witnesses a car accident, right in front of him. He then proceeds to record a play-by-play commentary as a voicemail message.
The caller saw a car driven by a man, clip another car, an Impala containing 4 old ladies. The knock turned the car right around.
He starts off by saying that the man had got out of his car, and storms over to the other car, as if that driver was at fault.
From then on he tells his boss what each old lady does to the man, all the while laughing his head off. Apparently the old ladies then attack the man, including spraying him with pepper spray and hitting him with an umbrella and even a bible.
Some commenters on YouTube think its a set up, but others think that the call is a genuine one.
According to 95rockfm, the guy who left the voicemail was an operations manager at Jack in the Box.
Apparently he was indeed running late and phoned his boss, just as the fender bender occurred. Employees at the Jack in the Box found it so funny, they shared the voicemail among themselves, and it then ended up, as things tend to do, on the Internet.
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