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article imageOp-Ed: Swindlers and Luddites responsible for second BART strike

By Stan Rezaee     Oct 19, 2013 in Technology
San Francisco - Despite high anticipation for a resolution, BART workers have gone on strike for the second time this year after negotiation between management and the union broke down.
The root cause was BART managements request to change a series of work rules and incorporating new technology in the basic administrative operations.
The rule changes would have closed loopholes that had been exploited by workers just to get paid over time. The inclusion of new technology would require replacing fax machines with email, eliminating paper paycheck stubs and automated most of the administrative work.
However the union was opposed to these changes which lead to the breakdown of the negotiations. So basically the Bay Area has to endure a second BART strike because of the unions desire to cater to the luddites and swindlers within their organization.
Yes, luddit as in a person who refuse to adopt new technology into their lifestyle. Shockingly they exist in the Bay Area and unfortunately we can't banish them to a primitive community with caves and dial-up internet.
All this time commuters have felt the negotiations had to do with benefits and pay but instead its a subject so shocking that even a labor supporter should lose all sympathy for the striking workers.
The year is 2013 and BART is the lifeblood of the Bay Area that is dominated by the tech industry while gaining access to a computer is very easy. For a BART worker to be fearful of simple technology is actually very embarrassing.
Yet this pales compared to the unions need to protect old rules that they can easily exploit for overtime pay and other unearned rewards. The public gets furious when a con-artist, cooperate executive, or politician cheats the system, hence the union should not be stunned when their is a backlash against their opposition to close these exploited loopholes.
All the union has done is fuel the stereotype of the "lazy union thug" while better explain the lack of trust between them and BART management.
The average commuter may be sympathetic towards the unions need to protect middle class jobs but no on is going to support a strike to protect the needs of the primitives and scammers.
The last time BART workers went on strike, both management and the union were blamed for the breakdown of negotiations. This time the blame has to go to the union for misplacing its priorities.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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