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article imageOp-Ed: After this government deadline, the deluge begins

By John Dewar Gleissner     Oct 18, 2013 in Business
Washington - The recent deadline over ObamaCare is only the beginning of the deadlines over deficit spending by the United States government.
Republicans, especially those in the Tea Party, are unpopular right now because they are blamed for shutting the U.S. government down in a failed ploy to defund ObamaCare. They dared attempt to reduce government spending on an unpopular and untested entitlement program by holding the government “hostage” right up to the debt ceiling deadline. Eventually, a number of Republicans had to give up. Economic catastrophe was averted … for now.
Many in the media disparage the Republican scheme to defund ObamaCare, because the tactic did not work in the short term. Public opinion polls are cited as evidence of a failed and damaging approach. The potential economic consequences of a default on the national debt led many to regret the eventually unpopular stand against one entitlement program. Of course, many, including John Adams, did not approve of the original Boston Tea Party, either, just as only a fraction of the population initially supported the American Revolution. That Tea Party had terrible economic consequences for the Port of Boston.
Criticism of Tea Party “terrorist tactics” assumes that deficit spending must continue, that it is outrageous when one House of the U.S. Congress uses their constitutional power to slow the inexorable march towards national bankruptcy. MoveOn.Org had a petition to encourage the criminal prosecution of Republicans who dared to resist this particular brand of deficit spending. The grim reality is that multiple entitlement programs must be reduced or eliminated, not just one. At some point, the government must cut spending much more drastically than any potential savings from the tactic to defund ObamaCare.
This is not the end of fiscal and financial deadlines. It is just the beginning. It will take more deadlines to make the people realize how short-sighted we Americans have been for all these years. At some point, outstanding checks for more than $17,000,000,000,000 will be presented for payment. That’s over $148,000 for every American taxpayer, money we do not have. In the future, perhaps Congress will decide not to pay back wages to furloughed federal employees … or they will eliminate some non-critical jobs altogether … or there will be an actual default of some duration. Those who oppose deficit spending will eventually call the bluff of those who urge us deeper into debt. In all honesty, they have to … and they will. Someone has to stop the financial madness with firmness.
After this latest deadline and a few more, The Deluge … at about $20 or $25 trillion in government debts. When the deluge comes, it will make this latest deadline appear like the warning signal it truly is, and then the disparaged tactic will appear more heroic and foresighted than many now believe. The argument over defunding ObamaCare is small change compared to the mountain of debt incurred by past and present spending levels. With this amount of squawking over defunding ObamaCare, the noise over future defunding ought to be deafening.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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