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article imageIs your liver eating your brain?

By Tim Sandle     Oct 18, 2013 in Health
People with extra abdominal fat are three times more likely than lean individuals to develop memory loss and dementia later in life, and the reason appears to be linked to the liver.
Findings suggest that the liver and the hippocampus (the memory center in the brain), share a craving for a certain protein called PPARalpha (or 'peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha'). The organs use the protein in different ways. The liver uses PPARalpha to burn stomach fat; the hippocampus uses PPARalpha to process memory.
One problem appears to be that with people with a large amount of belly fat, the liver needs to work overtime to metabolize the fat, and uses up all the PPARalpha first depleting local stores and then raiding the rest of the body, including the brain, according to the new study. The danger, according to Live Science, is that this process essentially starves the hippocampus of PPARalpha, thus hindering memory and learning.
The warning and associated research was carried out at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. The findings have been published in the journal Cell Reports.
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