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article imageWhat has happened to your Yahoo! and Google accounts?

By Alexander Baron     Oct 18, 2013 in Internet
Do you have a Yahoo! account? If so, you will have noticed some changes to the way your e-mails display. Other things are happening elsewhere too.
The first thing you will probably have noticed is that when you visit your mail page, the display has altered. Also, your e-mails display on one continuous page. If like some of us you have hundreds or even thousands of e-mails in your Inbox, stuff you may have decided to retain for future reference or can't be bothered to delete, you will now have to scroll down and down and down to read them rather than click on a link to display page 2, 3 or X.
There has also been an attempt to inject a certain amount of humour into the set up as can be seen from the screengrab below of an empty Trash folder. The Spam folder has been given a similar makeover. You can also mark your e-mails with a star.
This is how your new Yahoo! Trash folder looks when empty.
This is how your new Yahoo! Trash folder looks when empty.
BTInternet has recently parted company with Yahoo! and has had the same makeover, but there is now a rather awkward preview pane, which can be deactivated.
Changes have been made to Google recently too, and it is not simply the homepage that has changed. Now, when you click on a link in search or news, the page opens automatically in a new window, which is a definite improvement, but more radical changes have been made to your Google account, in particular it has enhanced security. Here is what Google themselves say — see screengrab below.
Above  how Google has beefed up your account security.
Above, how Google has beefed up your account security.
This is a welcome development, even more welcome is the fact that other Internet companies are doing the same thing, but don't ever get complacent. There are still many people out there be they phishers, sophisticated malware crooks, or penny ante con men whose aim is simply to dupe you into running up a massive phone bill.
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