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article imageNew find: The British ate frogs' legs before the French

By Anne Sewell     Oct 16, 2013 in Food
Salisbury - For many years, the British have teased the French about their penchant for eating frogs' legs. Now the humor turns, as we find out that the British were actually the first to eat the "delicacy."
The Guardian is reporting that an archaeological dig quite near to Stonehenge in England has made a startling discovery this week. Evidence dating back around 8,000 years proves that the British ate frogs' legs first.
So next time you think of teasing a Frenchman about eating those legs, think again.
Apparently the team of archaeologists found burnt animal bones at the Blick Mead dig site in Wiltshire in April this year. David Jacques, head of the team, then sent the remains for testing at the Natural History Museum.
When the results came back, it turned out that these were actually toad bones (OK, so not strictly frogs' legs) and that the former Mesolithic people living in that area had cooked and eaten them somewhere between 7,596 and 6,250 B.C.
Jacques, who is a senior research fellow at the University of Buckingham said, “We were completely taken aback. [The inhabitants] were eating everything that moved, but we weren’t expecting frogs’ legs as a starter.”
“They would have definitely eaten the leg because it would have been quite big and juicy,” he said, adding that they would be the “the Mesolithic equivalent of fast food.”
Jacques added that it was increasingly likely that the new site was the "cradle to Stonehenge" which reportedly was built about 5,000 years later.
According to Andy Rhind-Tutt, who is chairman of Amesbury museum and heritage trust, they wouldn't have built Stonehenge without there being "something unique and really special about the area."
"There must have been something significant here beforehand, and Blick Mead, with its constant temperature spring sitting alongside the River Avon, may well be it."
"I believe that as we uncover more about the site over the coming days and weeks we will discover it to be the greatest, oldest and most significant Mesolithic home base ever found in Britain."
And the extra bonus is that in future, the French can get revenge when teased about eating frogs' legs.
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