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article imageWith Southern Damascus under siege, clerics permit eating dogs

By Justin King     Oct 15, 2013 in World
Muslim clerics in rebel-held southern Damascus have issued a fatwa that permits citizens to eat animals that are typically forbidden to avoid starvation.
The area has been under siege by government forces, which has choked off humanitarian aid and trade of all kinds from entering the city. This is not the first time clerics have issued a fatwa allowing the eating of unclean animals such as dog, cat, and donkey. Muslims are normally forbidden from eating the animals. Many see the decision by religious leaders as a sign of how bad things are in the cut-off area.
Over the weekend, a temporary ceasefire allowed civilians to leave the area, but not all took advantage of the momentary break in fighting due to the unpredictable nature of the fighting, while others still hope for international intervention.
A leading Imam reportedly told the Southern Damascus Media Office
Haven’t you heard the fatwas that have filled our streets and mosques by permitting people to eat cats, dogs and other animals that have already been killed by the bomb attacks?
Are you waiting for us to eat the flesh of our martyrs and our dead after fearing our lives? … You have forgot that you have brothers and sisters in southern Damascus who are hungry.
Currently, the fighting seems to be tipped in favor of the government forces, which captured two suburbs in southern Damascus on Friday, killing around 70. The captured suburbs are stepping stones to the district of Sayida Zainab. Sayida Zainab is of critical importance as the district is currently being used by Hezbollah and Iraqi fighters to plan and launch operations in southern Damascus.
Doctors Without Borders has been critical of the fact that weapons inspectors have been able to move about the country with relative ease, while humanitarian agencies are blocked.
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