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US police detain two for talking to stranger on street

By Saunon Malek     Oct 15, 2013 in World
Philadelphia - Policemen in Philadelphia unlawfully detained two African American pedestrians for talking to a stranger on the street - namely, saying "hi".
A video uploaded to YouTube shows two men walking down the street, when suddenly they are abruptly held back by policemen. Apparently, the men were being detained because they had said 'hi' to another stranger walking on the street. In response, the policemen abruptly said, "You don't say 'Hi' to strangers," and the other added, "Not in this neighborhood."
The two men were later told to lay against the officer's car to be searched. "You're under investigation," said the officer, "Investigation of what? I was walking," replied one of the pedestrians.
But this was not the only unlawful act the officers committed. They also went on to use stereotypes against the African American men, claiming they were "serving weed." The officer also stated "We don't want you here anyway, all you do is weaken the f--king country," to which the pedestrian replied, "Yeah? I weaken the country? How I weaken the country? By working?"
There have been numerous concerns in the past with regard to police officers' unlawful and inhumane treatment with civilians in the US. People are frequently becoming subject to racial profiling and general discrimination, which has caught the attention of many human rights activists.
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