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article imageWorld leaders to US: 'Raise debt ceiling and reopen government!'

By Nancy Houser     Oct 15, 2013 in Politics
Like a frustrated mother with headstrong and uncontrollable children, world leaders are advising the United States as candidly as possible. Raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government before the credibility of the U.S. disappears. Period.
According to Huffington Post, leaders of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), along with over 300 representatives from various countries, met in Washington on Sunday, October 14, 2013, to begin the Obama Nuclear Summit talks on the international recovery and to stop the spread of nuclear weapons.
However, when IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde was being interviewed on NBC's "Meet the Press," she said they later found that the U.S. debt ceiling was the issue and the U.S. government was shut down with no remedy in sight. Not too far away, "Senate leaders failed on Sunday to reach agreement on a plan to reopen the government and raise the debt limit." Again.
The New York Times posted that Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew and the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke attended the IMF meeting. Both considered experts in their fields, they predict that even a near-default would lead to higher borrowing costs and a slowdown of the global economy. This would be extremely unfortunate, as the U.S. is recognized as the anchor of the international financial system.
According to DJ's "Op-Ed: Boehner Burns Senate's Suggestion," Boehner rejected a deal that would have:
(1) Extended the debt ceiling until early February
(2) Funded the government through early January
(3) Established budget conference negotiations by mid-December
The House instead has prepared another deal they would vote on, one that was guaranteed to not pass the Senate or Obama, instead was earmarked with the House's manic fixation with Obamacare. With this in mind, the U.S. would be forced to go into default ---happily led by Boehner and the Tea Party.
So obsessed are they with gutting Obamacare, the House and its Speaker are willing to destroy the United States and the world economy to get what they want. The only solution is to remove the Tea Party members and John Boehner from any and all negotiations; only then could the world be saved financial collapse.
Re-opening the U.S. government may be difficult, as House Rule 22, Clause 4, which allowed Democrats or Republicans to reopen the government has been changed. Now, the only party than can reopen the government is the Republican leader or the Republicans. This has been changed illegally, with Republicans entirely in control. Check it out.
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