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article imageAnonymous takes on another rape case in #OpMaryville

By Justin King     Oct 14, 2013 in World
The online collective Anonymous has developed a reputation for coming to aid of rape victims when the courts fail to prosecute their alleged attackers. Anonymous has set its sights on the town of Maryville, Missouri.
The details of the case are widely reported. On January 8, 2012 a Freshman named Daisy, 14, in the small town attended a sleepover with a 13-year-old friend. The girls were drinking some stashed liquor and snuck out of the house around 1 a.m. to meet up with some older boys. Once that occurred, the girls were given more to drink. The two older boys then proceeded to have sex with the girls while a third videotaped one of the scenes. The younger girl’s name is being withheld for privacy.
The girls were then dumped in Daisy’s yard. The younger girl found her way back inside the house, but Daisy was outside in a t-shirt and sweatpants. Her mother found her the next morning; her hair was frozen.
Her mother took her inside to warm her up with a bath and noticed signs of sexual assault. She took Daisy to the hospital.
Local law enforcement arrested the boys and charged two of them. Mathew Barnett was charged with felony sexual assault and misdemeanor endangerment of the welfare of a child. His friend who recorded the incident, Jordan Zech, was charged with sexual exploitation.
The prosecutor, Robert Rice, dropped the charges. He later said in an interview
They were doing what they wanted to do, and there weren’t any consequences. And it’s reprehensible. But is it criminal? No.
It should be noted that under Missouri law an incapacitated person cannot consent to sexual intercourse.
Daisy has attempted suicide twice since the incident. The family has moved from the small town after Daisy’s brother was threatened and her mother fired. The house they lived in has been burned to the ground.
Barnett is the grandson of former Missouri State Representative Rex Barnett.
Enter Anonymous
Anonymous has taken up Daisy’s cause and issued their demands in the video. At the time of writing the Anonymous collective is scouring the social network feeds of Barnett’s friends looking for incriminating evidence. Elements of the group are also engaged in trolling campaigns targeting the university Barnett now attends and plays football, as well as pages related to the town of Maryville.
Reaction to the decision of Anonymous to launch #OpMaryville post on
Reaction to the decision of Anonymous to launch #OpMaryville post on
Reactions to the news that Anonymous has taken up the cause of Daisy seems to be a sigh of relief for those that are fighting for prosecution and for deterrence against these sorts of crimes in the future.
On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, at 10 a.m. Anonymous will meet at the Nodaway County Courthouse in Maryville, Missouri with daisies in their hands for a peaceful protest in support of Daisy Coleman.
An Anonymous operations account on Twitter (@YourAnonCentral) says they have made contact with Daisy and in lieu of donations to her, she would rather money be donated to the shelter where she adopted her pitbull Kansas City Pet Project
Anonymous is staging a Twitter campaign tomorrow and has released the details of the event in a document on
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