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article imageOp-Ed: Media talks of fantasy debt settlement

By Robert Weller     Oct 14, 2013 in Politics
Just as football lovers have their fantasy team, many in the media see a settlement coming in the debt crisis that could devastate world economies. This from leaders who haven't been able to agree on much of anything.
Unlike the football teams, reason and history can be turned on their head. CNN and others said the cancellation of a meeting between President Obama and Republican Senators was good news.
It meant they would have more time to come to a deal that would mean Social Security will be paid to everyone this month.
Tom Brady needed only five seconds for a come-from-behind victory over the unbeaten New Orleans Saints on Sunday. It is not clear how, if he really is a Muslim as some of his Republicans critics claim, President Obama could throw such a Hail Mary pass.
Not being mentioned at the beginning of such news coverage is that any Senate deal would have to be passed by the House.
But the leaders in his fantasy contest are in the stock market. It was up Monday, based on expectations that the crisis would be solved before the nation goes broke.
One thing cannot be undone. World leaders have seen that American debt is a negotiable part of the political process.
Underlying this is the widely publicized notion Tea Party money is being spent unnecessarily on government.
Obama is caught between a rock and hard place. Some critics say he is unwilling to use the 14th amendment power to go ahead and power debts. Others say this is just the chance he has been looking for to do just that and make himself a dictator.
That amendment requires that debts be paid.
Also already damaged, perhaps beyond repair, is the Republican party. Its favorability rating was down to 24 percent last week.
Former Republican presidential candidate John McCain had this to say: “I suppose we could get lower in the polls. We're down to blood relatives and paid staff now.”
If government spending was the only issue it might not be so hard for the GOP to find its way out of the wilderness. However, the party is out of synch with the majority of Americans on issues including abortion, contraception, gays, women’s rights, health care, minimum wages and more.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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