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article imageInterview with ATB: World renowned DJ Special

By Markos Papadatos     Oct 13, 2013 in Entertainment
On October 12, I had the chance to sit down and chat with world renowned DJ, Andre Tanneberger, better known by his stage name ATB.
We spoke prior to his concert at New York City's Roseland Ballroom, where he opened up about his U.S. tour, musical endeavors and upcoming studio effort Contact.
Regarding his tour stop in New York, ATB remarked, "I am excited. It's the last day of our tour. We already had three great shows, but when you do these shows, you always want to be better each time. San Francisco was great, Los Angeles was great and yesterday we had an amazing show in Chicago. I hope New York likes what I am doing."
ATB continued, "I am very thankful, especially here in New York. I have been here a lot of times and I am so glad that I have such a big fan-base here. I want to thank the fans for still being there."
His show in New York, entitled "ATB in Concert," will consist of a full band show with drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and guest singers, as well as a DJ performance by ATB and an opening ambient show. "It's different and it's all about what I want to show the people. It was a dream to do this a long time ago. When you produce and write music, you always think about how to present it to the people. In my early times, I did some live music and later on I became a DJ. In my dream, I always wanted to show people that electronic music is not just coming out of a computer. Electronic music is still made my humans. I played all the melodies that are in the music and I wanted to do that on stage as well. Every instrument you hear is played by somebody and I wanted to show that to the people," he explained. "Other electronic acts do it unplugged or acoustic, but I wanted the people to hear what they are used to with the same pressure and feeling."
For these show dates, the international DJ partnered with Insomniac, the premier producer of dance music events and festivals.
ATB continued, "I always want to develop my music and I would like to have some small changes in the music. I would like to stay true to myself and my identity. I have been in the studio very often because I finished the album in the last half of the year, and now I am concentrating on touring. We are going to have a lot of club gigs in the United States and I will be going to India this year and I will tour Australia next year. Besides touring, I have some other projects as well."
His forthcoming studio album Contact is expected to be out in early 2014. "I had to finish the new album right before we started these shows because I wanted to play some new music as well. Everybody that is here tonight can listen to a lot of new tracks on the album. There will be a lot of new, great collaborations with new voices from Canada and artists from Germany," he said. "The word 'contact' is a really nice one for me. I am really appreciative of the opportunities that we have today. We can always be in contact with our family and our friends, even if we are on the other side of the planet. The word contact is very good because technology gives us a lot of possibilities to stay in touch with a lot of people."
For ATB, a difference exists between recording in the studio vs. performing live. "When you are sitting in the studio and when you are creating, you are already picturing and imagining how the crowd will react to the music. I can transfer the feelings that I have in the studio to the crowd," he said.
A native of Germany, ATB revealed that he has been doing music professionally for over 20 years. "I had my first record contract in 1993, so if you have music in your blood, you love it. I love listening to music and I love to perform. The music is giving me the opportunity to travel and it allows me to be in so many different countries and to see so many different cultures."
The veteran musician noted that his music is "melodic," juxtaposed with "melancholic" elements and his musical tastes are highly eclectic. "I am doing melodic electronic dance music, where I am working with vocalists," he said. "I am very open to different kinds of music from great country songs and good pop and rock songs. I love trance and I am into all kinds of music. The best thing is to get inferences from different kinds of music and the results are great."
For ATB, it is of utmost importance to stay connected with his fans. "Personally, it is important to be in contact with the people that listen to my music. It's great to have interactions with them since whatever you do, you get reactions. Also, they give me feedback," he said.
ATB concluded our interview by sharing his definition of success. "It means to be sitting here in a room and knowing that there are a lot of people out there, even if they do not know what to expect tonight. A lot of people connect success with money and fame and being a star. For me, it is to continue doing music long-term and after 20 years, still being here, with people still liking the things that I am doing. I am always doing the music for myself and in the end if the people like the music as well, I am proud of that. That's my personal success," he shared.
To learn more about dance music sensation ATB and his new music, check out his official website.
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