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article imagePro-Constitution truckers scold DC riot police

By Ralph Lopez     Oct 13, 2013 in Politics
In a remarkable scene which unfolded last weekend, truckers and their supporters with Ride for the Constitution faced off with riot police who had marched into their midst, and insisted that there was no need for them.
Objections that "This is a peaceful protest" rang out as the police marched in formation toward the protesters.
DC police can be seen fidgeting nervously with their batons as they receive a scolding from a strapping veteran in desert camo uniform, and are taunted as "shepherds."
The protesters argued that the peaceful protest did not require a police presence. The police marched into the midst of the peaceful assembly with helmet shields down, and batons at the ready. At one point one demonstrator warns the others that an officer has pulled out a taser.
"This is tyrannical government! There it is!" - one protester yells, with the crowd of a decidedly different make-up from the kind of anti-war protesters, and Occupy Wall Street youth, which the police are used to seeing. Protesters challenge the presence of the police detail, saying "What are you doing standing there? This is a peaceful protest!"
Ride for the Constitution, a group of independent truckers with the stated goal of demanding that congressmen "obey your oath to the US Constitution" as well as airing grievances specific to the trucking industry, arrived in Washington, DC this weekend with a contingent of 50 to 100 trucks and other people in smaller vehicles.
Among the demands listed at their website are:
- Restoration of the Sixth Amendment in all criminal prosecutions by repeal of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012's (NDAA) grant of authority to the Executive Branch to allow military detention of US citizens without charge or trial.
- Direct the Department of Homeland Security to relinquish its weapons of war, which the truckers say that, with no foreign mission, can be only for use against the American people. In recent years the DHS has stockpiled over a billion hollow point bullets and thousands of armored vehicles.
- Stop Fourth Amendment violations of freedom from unreasonable search by the TSA
- Impeach Obama
- No war on Syria
The truckers also demand that the NSA halt illegal spying activities which run contrary to the Fourth Amendment.
The video was filmed by videographer Paul Longnecker.
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