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Tattooed women outnumber men in recent poll

By Timothy Whitt     Oct 21, 2013 in Lifestyle
When it comes to getting tattoos it seems woman hold a slight upper edge over men. In the United States 23 percent of the women have tattoos compared with only 19 percent of the men,
This is the first time tattooed woman have outnumbered tattooed men.
Why the sudden disparity?
According to, "it's a trend reflected in the recent rise of the ubiquitous tramp stamp, openly inked celebrities (like Angelina Jolie or Rihanna) and vibrant pinups like the Suicide Girls."
While some women may get tattoos because their favorite celebrity has one for many other women it is all about reveling in their own individuality.
Sami, a young college student says her tattoos are a way to, "express her artistic creativity." She has several including some recent tattoos on her toes.
"I got my tattoo as a way to carry my kids around with me," says Kat as she shows off some her tattoos.
What do men think of women with tattoos?
In a recent study done by Swami and Furnham, it was found that, "men were more likely to approach those women with a tattoo quicker than those without. Tests also showed that men rated their chances of scoring a date with the tattooed women higher than if they had tattoo-free skin.
In a downside a second study found men were also attracted to women with tattoos because they thought they would, "have more chances to have a date and to have sex on the first date," with a tattooed woman than a woman who never had a tattoo.
Whatever the reason more women are getting a tattoo and despite the public perception of tattooed women, according to Morag Draper Tattoo Gallery Studio Manager women, "should approach getting a tattoo like a marriage. Is it something you'll be able to live with forever?"
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