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article imageOp-Ed: President Obama threatens to default on US loans

By Gar Swaffar     Oct 10, 2013 in Politics
President Obama has steadfastly refused to negotiate with House Republicans on funding the government, and the end result could be defaulting on US debts. Some are calling the President petulant, others simply call him childish and self absorbed.
From the BBC comes the quote: (Republicans) "don't get to demand ransom in exchange for doing their jobs" Or to put it in other terms, President Obama would like the Republicans to give in to the Presidents extortion and misrepresentation of the facts before he will agree to negotiate, not the debt limit, but the funding of the Federal budget.
It seems easier for Mr. Obama to ignore the fact of the debt limit being a separate issue coming up next week, rather than simply agreeing to fund the government for now and then moving on to the debt limit talks. Orwellian Doublespeak at its best appears to be the true forte’ of the President.
In asking the House leadership to give up all of their bargaining chips on defunding the dysfunctional healthcare boondoggle being foisted off on a disapproving American public before any concessions will be made, the President has by default, resorted to threats to shut down the government.
The political ploy being used by the President is similar to a used car salesman telling a customer to simply sign the contract, and he’ll agree to affix a fair price to the contract later, and also to make sure the car has a full tank of gas, and new tires. “Just sign on the dotted line Speaker Boehner, I’ll negotiate later when there’s nothing left to negotiate."
Reality is a harsh taskmaster, and the bottom line is that the current stalemate could be over in a few hours if Senator Reid would simply agree to any of the concessions the House has already sent to the Senate, and President Obama would then sign the legislation.
Obama whines about the House demanding 100% of everything they’re asking for, while ignoring the beginning point of the budget proposals was to completely eliminate funding for Obamacare, and the latest proposal simply seeks to delay the healthcare boondoggle for one year for all US citizens. That would be the same waiver Obama has given to Big Business cronies and Democrat contributors.
And all the while, the White House has apparently given marching orders to all government departments to cause as much pain as possible during the political wrestling match in Washington D. C.
From closing down the war memorials, National Parks and National Mall, except for the democrat supporting La Raza gang to hold a rally at, the orders are to ‘make it hurt’.
Obama decries "We can't make extortion routine as part of our democracy", as quoted at the BBC, while he is holding the nation hostage to an unworkable healthcare law, which still isn’t working.
And in the meantime, even CNN is now reporting citizens are supporting their Congressmen in the shutdown, despite the problems it’s creating.
During this period of political Orwellianism, the House Republicans are considering yet another peace offering to the President, which would be a short-term debt limit increase as reported at Fox News. Although, in the same report, Obama is quoted as stating he has no plans on negotiating with Republicans until the debt limit is raised, and the spending bill is passed.
Perhaps someone should offer the President a dictionary so he could check the definitions of the words he’s using?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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