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Op-Ed: The London Anarchist Bookfair

By Alexander Baron     Oct 8, 2013 in Politics
Mile End - The one day London Anarchist Bookfair will be held on October 19; it includes a film about cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, but you can watch that today on YouTube.
The stereotype of the anarchist as a wild-eyed fanatic with bomb in hand is a caricature that belongs squarely in the realm of fiction. True, there have been anarchists who have thrown bombs, but anarchism - as opposed to anarchy - is a political philosophy that advocates the abolition of state coercion in people's lives, although like all other political philosophies it still has its villains. And in this case, its dreamers, which appears to be about 95% of those behind and probably attending this latest bookfair.
You can find full details on the dedicated website. Although it lasts for only one day there are enough events here to last a week and then some. Here's one that sounds as though it might be worth the candle:
How Special Branch Spied on the Animal Rights Movement
"The London animal rights movement was infiltrated by police spies for over twenty years from 1983 onwards.  An activist discusses how this happened, whether it could have been stopped and what we can learn to prevent it happening again."
Wonder if Mark Kennedy will be putting in an appearance. Probably not!
There will also be a viewing of the short pseudo-documentary Manufacturing Guilt, which is yet another film about cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. This was uploaded to YouTube on July 24 but has to date been viewed less than 500 times.
An image of Mumia Abu-Jamal circa 1981
An image of Mumia Abu-Jamal circa 1981
It is difficult to credit that some people have wasted over thirty years of their lives campaigning for this sleazeball, but that is because the gullibles never do any proper research. This film contains so many lies and distortions that it is difficult to know where to begin, but the claim that Mumia was carrying a firearm because he had been robbed at gunpoint is a good place to start.
The gun with which he shot Officer Faulkner in the small hours of that tragic December morning was purchased by him legally, and was presumably indeed used for self-protection while he was driving a cab, a profession he had chosen because he had thrown away a promising career in radio journalism by his failure to distinguish objective reporting from advocacy.
No attempt is made to explain or explain away the fact that this empty gun was found at his feet as he sat on the sidewalk with a bullet from Faulkner's gun in his chest. The claim is made that an attempt was made to murder Abu-Jamal that night, which begs the question why did the police rush him to hospital and ensure this life-threatening injury was treated? The simplest option was to allow him to bleed to death. For those interested in the truth, the dedicated Daniel Faulkner website rebuts all the garbage in this film and a lot more besides.
There is also a full length documentary about this case that is worth watching, The Barrel Of A Gun, which its director Tigre Hill may put on YouTube at some point, but in the meantime like the rest of us, he has to eat.
So what else does this event have to offer?
How to research corporations?
"If you're campaigning against a company, the success or failure of your campaign will crucially depend on the information at your disposal."
That sounds useful, though it may not be much help to Monsanto watchers.
Capitalism, Crisis and the Politics of Technology 
"200 years of industrial capitalism since the Luddite uprisings has brought us to the brink of environmental disaster".
And the Luddites would have taken us where, exactly? If these imbeciles had had their way in the 1980s, you wouldn't be reading this article or probably any article on-line. Ask Rupert Murdoch.
One more will suffice: Sex work is work
"The movement for sex workers’ rights is at the intersection of many other social issues movement such as migrations, feminism, LGBT, labour, drug use etc".
Well, no, but even whores have to eat.
What is missing totally from this book fair is of course any serious mention of reforming the financial system. Sadly, this is nothing new; it remains to be seen if these anarchists are wilfully blind - like the Marxists - or just plain dumb, but there are others who understand what lies behind most of the world's problems, and it doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to explain why you won't meet any of them here.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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