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article imageE-books, changing people's reading habits

By Timothy Whitt     Oct 9, 2013 in Technology
Todd, 23, is an avid comic book fan. He use to spend a lot of time at the comic book store buying all the latest issues of his favorite comics. Three years ago Todd bought an iPad. Now he downloads and reads a lot of his comic books as e-books.
Bruce is a middle aged man in his fifties. He has been an ardent reader most of his life. Bruce used to spend a lot of time and money at bookstores looking for and buying books. He also frequented the library in search of the latest novels.
A few years ago he purchased a Kindle. While Bruce still enjoys reading books the old fashioned way, by turning the pages, he finds himself downloading and reading more free and low cost e-books. Bruce says, "Getting that first Kindle has definitely changed my reading habits."
In the digital age people like Todd and Bruce have turned to e-books because they can spend more time reading books, magazines and newspapers which they can conveniently download to their e-readers.
According to a recent poll conducted for USA TODAY and Bookish, 35 percent of those with reading devices say they're reading more books since they got their reading devices.
Peter Osnos, founder and editor at large of PublicAffairs Books says. "For hundreds of years, when readers heard about a book they wanted to read, they had to go find it," he says. "In an digital era, everything, or most everything, is instantly available."
Kris, who calls herself, "a nonstop reader," before she bought her first e-reader finds herself reading even more now, "I can download any e-book I want to read to my e-reader with the touch of a button, " she says, " The e-reader is a lot more convenient then carrying around a hardcover or softcover book. I can slip the e-reader in my purse and read e-books on lunch and break."
Clearly e-books are a phenomenon which are here to stay. How much more they will change people's reading habits remains to be seen.
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