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article imageNokia harnesses power of lightning to charge cellphones

By Nancy Houser     Oct 7, 2013 in Science
Nokia has joined forces with scientists from the University of South Hampton, one of the top 15 research universities in the UK. They have harnessed the energy of a lightning bolt to charge a mobile device in a trial run.
Nokia, a Finnish company, was one of the first companies to incorporate wireless charging into their cell phones. They are continuing this success of cell phone charging by pushing the boundaries of cell phones with harnessed lightning. Nokia presented the scientists with the project's original idea, which did not surprise anyone as Nokia is known for its new concept and technology research background.
Not everyone can handle serious technology advances.
Not everyone can handle serious technology advances.
However, cell phone users are not quite as sure about the lightning process as Nokia and South Hampton scientists are. Even though most people have a serious love affair with their cell phones and are very protective of them, charging with lightning may send them into a deadly tail spin.
Anything deeper than labeling an ear of corn at the local grocery store may prove too much for a whole lot of folks who are not into deep technology .... like charging their cell phones with a lightning bolt. That would scare the average person, especially those 72-year old grandmas with their first cell phone.
Another thing to think about is that a lot of people think successful economies hinge on the Internet, not charging their cell phones with lightening. And yet, a certain amount of success may be about the Internet, but it is also about happy customers, digital assistants and sustainable cell phones that are not always dead when you need to make that one important call.
According to Mashable,
"This discovery proves devices can be charged with a current that passes through the air," he said, "and is a huge step towards understanding a natural power like lightning and harnessing its energy."
What is good about Nokia's concept is that one day we can harness the power of lightning for personal usage of the average person. Lightning has a lot of energy implications that will one day surpass cell phone charging --- it is natural, renewable, sustainable and readily available. Just like the wind turbines that were once thought to be so ridiculous.
However, one of the big arguments against using lightning as a natural energy is that it is very unpredictable. And it is.
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