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Premature Ejaculation spray comes on market, delays gratification

By Marcus Hondro     Oct 6, 2013 in Health
A new spray billed as a cure for Premature Ejaculation (PE) has hit the market. The spray works to desensitize the penis and allows the user to delay orgasm. It can also be used by those not suffering from PE to prolong their sexual encounters.
It's called 'Promescent' and is applied to the under-shaft of the penis before sex. The developer, Absorption Pharmaceuticals, says it absorbs quickly and does not transfer to the sexual partner's vagina or other orifices. Promescent uses lidocaine to reduce the sensitivity of the penis during sex, enabling the user to increase the amount of time engaged in fornication before they ejaculate.
Size of dosage to penis can be varied
Dr. Ron Gilbert, head of the research team that developed the spray, said in an interview that the amount of the product used is variable. "One of the nice things about the medication is the dosage can be changed easily," he said. "With Promescent the FDA has approved 3 to 10 sprays so you're able to very very subtly change the effect, because if four sprays isn't perfect you can go up to five or six.
"We hear from patients where this product has brought them from a situation where the bedroom is a place where there's all this anxiety and disappointment - to where they feel really empowered."
Penis spray prolongs sex
In referencing the product's ability to be used by even those who do not suffer from PE, Jeff Abraham, the CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals, said it has a "tremendous recreational component.”
In Europe a similar product called 'Tempe', developed by the same doctor who developed Viagra, Dr. Mike Wyllie, will soon come on the market. Promescent is available over-the-counter in the North American market now.
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