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article imageOp-Ed: Mark Zuckerberg's life lessons shared to bloggers

By Jenna Cyprus     Oct 5, 2013 in Internet
Remember Facebook founder/creator Mark Zuckerberg? Well, of course, who could forget the man who created the biggest social media network in the world? But his legacy isn't just Facebook itself, rather, the values he used to strengthen it.
Few people in the developed world aren't perfectly aware of who Mark Zuckerberg is. He's the genius behind the social media sensation, Facebook -- the man who created the website and became one of the youngest billionaires in the world while still in his early 20s.
Aside from his role as CEO and founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg is also an advocate for bringing technological advances to countries that don't have the Internet. His desire to provide Internet access to places in the world that don't have access to the services and information provided by the web is inspiring.
His example can teach the average blogger at least three basic lessons:
1. You can do anything
If there is one lesson Zuckerberg's announcement that he's bringing the Internet to the billions of people in the remotest corners of the world who live without it provides to bloggers, it's that no idea is too big. You can do anything.
If you're a blogger who wants to change the world, take Zuckerberg's advice and make some changes. Your blog might not reach the millions of users on Facebook, but at some point in the past, he was sitting around his living room wondering how he was going to make Facebook work and how he could possibly use it to reach so many users. You can do that too.
2. Actions speak louder than words
Zuckerberg can talk all he wants about providing Internet access to people who don't have it in Third World countries, but his actions speak louder than his words. Everyone can hear him talk about his idea, but it's his actions that will actually bring this idea to life.
The same goes for you as a blogger. You can talk about writing a book and becoming famous, or attracting millions of followers on Facebook or Twitter this year, but until you take action to make it happen, all your talk is just that: words.
3. Bringing value improves customer relations
One of the biggest lessons you can learn from Zuckerberg is the fact that you have to bring value to the lives of your readers if you want to improve your relationship with them. If you aren't blogging about something important to them, chances are that you aren't going to improve your relations.
Your job is to find a way to provide value to your readers' lives. If you're a parenting blogger looking to change lives, improve the fate of other parents. Don't just talk about it.
Provide your readers with valuable content that will change their lives and forever make them think of you as the blogger who altered their family and their life for the better. It's great for your relations.
The real issue at hand
Despite the fact that Zuckerberg has already changed the face of the Internet with the invention of Facebook, he wants to do something more. He wants to create a bigger change for the entire world by bringing access to the Internet to those who don't have it.
That isn't going to be easy, and it might not make Facebook any more popular than it is now. For this reason, the real issue at hand is the fact that the people who lack access to the Internet might be able to substantially improve their lives with it.
Zuckerberg can provide these people with access to educational information, methods to fund their college education, college classes themselves, and a million other things that could change their lives for the better.
Whether or not Mark Zuckerberg can actually provide the entire world with Internet access is yet to be seen. However, his ambition and his passion for this project just go to show that his character aspires to greatness.
He wants to change the world, and he hopes to do it one social media user at a time.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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