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Spanish woman asks Telegraph to remove 'racist' siesta photo

By Anne Sewell     Oct 4, 2013 in World
London - The UK Telegraph newspaper was reporting that Spain was considering putting the clocks back to be in line with other countries in that time zone. They depicted a "fat and lazy Spaniard" having a siesta on their article, upsetting a Spanish local.
Digital Journal reported that Spain was considering putting the clocks back to boost the country's economy. It was revealed that mainland Spain is living in a time zone more appropriate to France and Germany, and chosen by Francisco Franco's fascist government, to be in line with Nazi Germany.
It seems the UK newspaper The Telegraph also reported on the story and chose an image of a sleeping, semi-naked overweight man to enhance their article: "Time's up for siestas." The original image as posted by The Local can be seen here.
Etorne Samanas is a Spaniard, who has been working in London for eight years now. She read the article and said that she was "fed up with their insulting racism" directed towards Spain.
Samanas wrote to the Telegraph, voicing her disapproval of the image and complaining about regular insulting racism against Spain in that publication.
ABC newspaper (in Spanish) published an extract from Samanes's letter in which she’s quoted as saying "I’m fed up of you and the insulting racism you spew every week about my country".
Samanes also remarked that the image the UK daily initially chose "did not represent" Spain as it played up the stereotype of Spaniards as "lazy."
Many people believe that because the Spanish sometimes have an afternoon siesta, they are being lazy, forgetting to note that the people come back to work at 4 or 5 p.m. and continue working until late.
"We don't want to put the clocks back because not enough is produced or because we want to have a three-hour siesta; it's more to do with the fact that nobody likes this time frame that was chosen a long time ago," she said.
Samanas continued that "people working in offices in Spain don't have siestas."
She then encouraged journalist Martin Roberts to spend a day in a Spanish workplace to find out if everyone has long siestas.
The result of her complaint was that the photo has now been replaced by a photo of a driver of an Andalucían horse carriage, also napping in the summer heat - included below:
A Spanish resident in London complained to the Telegraph about their racist depiction of Spaniards.
A Spanish resident in London complained to the Telegraph about their racist depiction of Spaniards.
Apparently this is not the first time that the Daily Telegraph has upset Spanish readers.
In May their journalist Jeremy Warner published an article "Spain is insolvent: get your money out while you can" which reportedly upset Spain's general public and political commentators alike.
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