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article imageGunfire at Capitol Hill — Shutdown of government offices

By Nancy Houser     Oct 3, 2013 in Politics
Washington - U.S. Capitol Police have alerted lawmakers and staffers on emergency radios that there have been reports of gunfire on Capitol Hill.
According to Politico, U.S. Capitol Police announced on their emergency radio system that there have been reports of gunfire on Capitol Hill.
They requested all people in office buildings shelter in place. The Capitol building is in lockdown at this time. New York Times reported that members of Congress had been told to get on the ground when the shots began firing.
The Associated Press reported that there was one injured Capitol Police officer. People in the many Capitol Hill office buildings have been asked to shelter in place, and move away from doors and windows.
More information will be added as we receive it.
Update: 1:55 PM CST
Hart Senate Office Building
Hart Senate Office Building
U.S. Government
ABC is reporting there is a possibility of more than one injury, with one person carried away on a stretcher. Reports of multiple shots were heard throughout the capital areas.
There were primary rumors the shooting had begun with a traffic incident, not targeting the Capital areas as originally thought. Later reports stated that a female driver had rammed another car, driving it into the NE gate of the Capital entrance. She was then chased and shot by Capital Police. Reports by CBS state that her injuries may be serious. Injuries of the Capital Police individual were unknown at this time.
Update: 2:10 PM CST
According to several media reports, members of Congress have been threatened due to the government shutdown. This is why the situation at first focused on the Capital building.
Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va) and Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla.) were on the speaker lobby's balcony. Both were told by guards to step inside of the building immediately. Rep. Posey said he heard five or six gunshots, while Rep. Connolly said the shots sounded like fireworks. Later on, Connolly said he had been informed that a single gunman had been apprehended.
Update: 2:11 PM CST
The lockdown has been lifted off the U.S. Capital, and individuals are allowed to leave sheltered areas since the shooting began.
The car chase began near the White House complex, ending with shots at the Capital. Police pulled the car over, and a man fled on foot with a gun in his hand. Shots were fired near the Hart Senate Office, forcing a lockdown in both houses of Congress.
Injuries have been confirmed, according to the Senate Sergeant at Arms, Terrance Gainer, who reported "there are reports of injuries."
Update: 2:30 PM CST
The Associated Press has reported that "the House had just completed approving legislation aimed at partly lifting the government shutdown by paying National Guard and Reserve members."
According to the New York Times, "Witnesses said the police pulled a baby from the suspect’s car."
Three weeks earlier, 12 people were killed at the Washington Navy Yard less than a mile away. The shooter, Aaron Alexis, had been killed by police.
Update: 5:30 PM CST
ABC World News has reported that the woman who was driving the back car was killed by gunshot, reported as being mentally ill. Her one-year child in the car was not hurt. She was being chased by unpaid Capitol and Security police, due to the government shutdown.
The Capitol Police officer who was injured after the woman's car rammed into the White House outer gate was a 23-year veteran, and is doing well.
The incident was labeled as an isolated incident, not connected with terrorism.
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